Sunday, September 16, 2012

Romney Is The Only Real Moderate In The Race

It is no secret that true blue conservatives are not in love with Mitt Romney. In fact many of them believe it would be just as well, if Obama wins reelection in November. Since I have been encouraging moderation in our President for decades now, maybe Mitt Romney is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to getting something done in Washington?

The last two Presidents were complete partisans. George W. Bush was conservative and Barack Obama is liberal. Over the years, most Americans have come down on one side or the other in their political belief system, while about 1/3 of voters consider themselves politically moderate. Ask yourself, is the USA better off today moving back and forth between liberalism and conservatism or was this a greater country when both sides worked toward compromise?

Compromise use the be the way things got done in Washington. However, in recent times - the only way progress is made is when conservatives or liberals control the White House and both Chambers of Congress. In fact, in both conservative and liberal circles - the very idea of compromise with the other side is consider an act of weakness or even worst something akin to a betrayal.

Mitt Romney is the only real moderate to win the nomination of his party to run as President in many years. While I have reservations about Romney's flip-flopping on important issues, if elected he is likely to compromise with Democrats in a way that might work. Like many other people, I was sold on Barack Obama's moderate vision of America when he ran in 2008. That campaign was dishonest, but there is a greater chance Romney will lead as a moderate if elected in 2012.

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