Monday, October 01, 2012

What Does Jerry Jones See In Tony Romo (Dallas Cowboys)?

Almost exactly three-years-ago, I first wrote that Tony Romo should be fired as the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. I said then and again now that Romo is a good quarterback, but what the Cowboys need is a great one.

Tony Romo reminds me of most of the friends I've had during my life. When things are going well, those friends are always around to cheer you on. However, at the first sign of trouble they disappear. The same is true of Tony Romo. When things are going well for Dallas on the field he plays great - but when the pressure is turned up he completely falls apart.

Tonight, Romo's five interceptions were the single driving force behind why the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Chicago Bears. I expect Tony Romo to stand before reporters in the morning taking the blame for losing the game, but nothing else will happen except he will do it again before the season is over.

Starting quarterbacks in the NFL are paid millions of dollars per year. Doesn't it make sense that the Dallas Cowboys could find a great quarterback for the same money they are paying a good one in Tony Romo?

I am no fan of Jerry Jones, but even his huge ego should feel some pain when he watches his pride and joy quarterback lose a game like the one tonight. There are now three disappointing seasons when Tony Romo has blown a big game or two. It's time for Jerry Jones to "cut bait" and fire his starting quarterback.

Just look at the caliber of play from Robert Griffin III (RG3) for the Washington Redskins. In my opinion, he is already better than Tony Romo and he has only started four games in his NFL career. Come on Jerry, the time has come to show Romo the door and get about the business of finding a great quarterback that won't throw an interception every time he is pressured.

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