Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Americans Prepare To Fall Off The Fiscal Cliff

Only a few days ago it appeared that Democrats and Republicans in Washington, DC were on the verge of a compromise, which would have kept the American people from falling off a fiscal cliff. I guess I should have known that real compromise among politicians in the United States of America is not that easily achieved. Of course, being an optimistic man I had hoped for the best. Now it appears that on Friday, Members of Congress will leave town without achieving a compromise. I think the American people should make it quite clear to their congressional representatives, when they return home, how they feel when it comes to the dysfunctional atmosphere in our nation's capital.

It is difficult to find a politician in Washington, DC who is more concerned with doing what's right for the country rather than following political ideology. While it's easy for me and others to blame Members of Congress for not compromising with each other, the American people are only getting what they voted for. Many Americans cannot agree on anything when it comes to politics. "My way or the highway" has become the norm when it comes to negotiations in Washington and on main street America. As a result, stalemate is the usual outcome.

Members of the mainstream news media have turned fiscal cliff negotiations into some kind of sports competition, between Republicans and Democrats where one side or the other is either a winner or a loser. I use to watch the Fox News Channel all the time when they really were fair and balanced. However, very little fair and balanced news coverage is found there now. CNN and MSNBC are even worse. Real Americans will be hurt starting on January 1 simply because, political partisans on both sides will not do what is in the best interest of the country. The three major cable news channels report nothing that is not first written in a political narrative format.

I am preparing budget cuts for my family in preparation for tax increases that are likely to occur on January 1, 2013. I know other people are doing the same thing. While I do not look forward to paying a greater amount of my income in tax, people without a good paying job could be hurt even more. All of this will happen while President Obama and Members of Congress give themselves a nice cost of living raise on the first of the year.

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