Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Both Sides Want To Fall Off Fiscal Cliff?

It is beginning to look like President Obama and GOP leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives are not going to reach a compromise before massive tax hikes and spending cuts take effect the first of the year. Could it be this has been their plan all along?

All Republicans and Democrats have to do is nothing right now and then rush once all of this takes effect on the first of the year to put another band aid on the problem and kicked the can down the road once again. It's hard to believe any of these folks can cash their paychecks without looking down in shame.

Only in Washington, DC does anyone call a reduction in the rate of increase an actual spending cut. What is being proposed right now are real tax increases on wealthy Americans, but none of the so called spending cuts are real. Instead, they all involve lowering the rate of increase in future years.

When it comes to spending cuts, Republicans are big on rhetoric but they're just as afraid as Democrats when it comes down to stating what they actually want to cut. Even so called GOP cuts spending hawks are nothing of the kind. Even they only want to reduce the amount of increases that will go into effect in future years.

Every day it becomes more likely that the United States of America will fall off the fiscal cliff come January 1 2013. Will that be such a bad thing? It will be worse for some more than for others, but in the end there will be those of us who can afford to pay and those who cannot. Happy New Year everyone!

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