Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gun Control/More Laws Are Not The Answer To Mass Shootings

Like most of you, I spent a good part of my day yesterday watching the television news coverage of the mass murder that took place in a Connecticut elementary school. Friday's senseless killing of teachers and kindergarten students are just another example of how the United States of America will not accept that some of our citizens are mentally ill and born with sociopath personalities. It's much easier to blame what happened yesterday on an overabundance of guns or lack of laws than it is for us to finally accept that many Americans, some of which are in our own families, are potentially dangerous to others.

It is true, that the easy availability of guns make it easier for mentally ill people to carry out their murderous rampages. However, banning all firearms will not solve the problem. The real problem occurs in the brains of the people who carry out these senseless acts. That brings us back to mental illness. People of all ages have deep rooted fears about mental illness and that is why they always fall back on knee jerk solutions like gun control or more laws, which will never solve the real problems.

In my 50 plus years of life, I have personally witnessed dozens of families who are unwilling or afraid to admit someone they know and love is mentally ill. It's almost as if, people are afraid of what society will think of them if someone in their bloodline is determined to be mentally ill. The sad fact is, there are effective treatments for most mentally ill individuals - but because of stigma and financial reasons the people who need the help do not seek it or do not continue that treatment over the long run.

There are many reasons why individuals and families will not accept the fact that someone they know and love is just not right. Unlike most physical illnesses, problems of a mental nature are viewed with suspicion by most people and worst of all not even considered as real medical problems by some insurance companies. Until a majority of the American people are willing to admit that mental illness exist, these senseless mass murders will continue to occur in greater frequency. Sadly most families', prefer to just sweep these kind of problems under the rug with the hope they will somehow fade away.

30 years ago, it was far too easy to have people who don't seem normal to the masses committed to mental institutions. Then in typical American style, the decision was made by government to ease these rules and in doing so they swung the pendulum too far to the other side. We don't need to go back to locking up people who are different, but we must force treatment on sociopath personalities because of their ability to cause so much pain and suffering to others. This will not happen, until a majority of the American people accept the fact that mental illness is a real medical problem and not just something that happens to other families.

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