Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Liberal News Media Rabid About Gun Control

The past few days I've watched more angry news anchors and reporters than I've seen in many years. The reason they are angry is because President Barack Obama is not pushing harder for more gun control in the United States. No one issue galvanizes liberal Americans more than gun control.

For a couple of decades, there has been no political will in the Congress or the White House to pass new gun control legislation. However - after the mass murder of schoolchildren and teachers in Newtown Connecticut last Friday, gun control activists and their accomplices in the mainstream news media have been brought back to life.

The fact that everyone is not rolling over and rushing to join the gun control bandwagon is angering a bunch of liberals who thought for sure this latest tragedy would change the views of all Americans. I've not seen any polls yet, but it would not surprise me if most of the American people were still opposed to new gun restrictions in the United States.

Increasing gun control is nothing more or less than a feel good action that will have no real affect on the problem. Liberal gun control activist are completely brainwashed and cannot see a solution to the problem of violence that does not include additional gun control. Honestly, there is no way to reason with liberal gun control activist. They believe what they believe and they are not going to change.

With the exception of Fox News, I've not seen a single network newscast talk about how more guns might help this problem. The more gun control propaganda being put out by ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN is at a fever pace and opinions that do not support their narrative that gun control must happen now is not even reported.

The far left and their friends in the mainstream news media are once again making a huge mistake in believing a majority of the American people will just follow their lead without asking any questions. I have a feeling there will be more angry news anchors and reporters in the upcoming days as new polls show most Americans are not being led on gun control by the New York Media.

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