Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Many White Americans Fear Political Change

Millions of white Americans are fearing, for the first time, the loss of a real political power in the United States. When President Barack Obama won reelection in November, many older white Americans who have had their way in political circles for decades finally realized that they must change some of their views or suffer the consequences. Losing power, is not something any group of people are willing to just give up without a fight. Right now - the modern day Republican Party is trying to find a new way to win nationwide elections by including political positions, which will be more appealing to Latino voters.

So how will the GOP deal with voters who have been anti Latino in the past? I do not think this will be an easy road for the Republican Party to travel, but it is necessary if they are to have any chance at regaining the White House. A political base made up entirely of older white men who are angry and long for the good old days is a losing formula in modern day America. I still remember the last time the Republican Party went through a major change in ideology. That time was when Ronald Reagan challenged Gerald Ford for the GOP nomination unsuccessfully in the late 1970s. Millions of voters in the GOP, made it clear that they were opposed to business as usual in the party.

At that time, liberals in the democratic party made it possible for the GOP to make inroads with conservative southern Democrats who felt abandoned by massive government programs pushed onto them by leaders of the party. Fast forward 35 years and the same thing is happening in the Republican Party with hard right conservatives who are trying to push their extremist policies on everyone else. Both Republicans and Democrats never learn lessons from the past when it comes to the American voter. Democrats tend to lean far left, while their Republican counterparts go to the extreme right.

So how will the GOP reach out to Latino voters when so many of their own rank and file despise the very issues that will attract them? If you can figure out this one, you are much smarter than me. I think it is likely the Republican Party will need to go through additional pain, in future elections, before enough extreme conservatives are disgruntled enough to abandon the party all together. Rank and file true blood conservatives in the GOP are at their core hostile to most minorities, who do not share their narrow conservative political view. Sure there are Latino and black Americans who belong to the Republican Party. However, those few all share a hard right political point of view.

At the present time, the Republican Party is in a sad state of affairs. Until the GOP is purged of their extreme right wing political base, they will continue to lose national elections in the foreseeable future. For conservative Republicans, it was so easy for them to see how democratic party leaders were abandoning mainstream Americans back in the 1960s and 1970s, but today they seem clueless when their own right wing ideological base is doing the same thing.

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