Monday, December 17, 2012

More & Less Gun Control Needed

In the United States there are two groups of political leaders who make decisions that affect all of us and most of those choices are made strictly from a liberal or conservative viewpoint. That is why now in the aftermath of school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut - half of those leaders want stricter gun control laws while the other half do not want any changes.

I certainly think that there needs to be more gun control laws when it comes to assault weapons. There's no reasonable situation when any American would need such a firearm to protect his or her home and family. However, history has shown that once gun control activists win a small victory, they always come back for more and that is why some people still oppose the banning of assault weapons in the United States.

I believe there is a possible compromise that would allow President Obama and conservatives in the Congress to come together and ban assault weapons without gun control activists rushing back to Washington to try and ban even more guns, later. This compromise would require both sides to get something, while at the same time giving up something that is very important to them. In addition, this idea might actually save the lives of people in the future.

What I propose is for conservative Republicans to agree to an assault weapons ban in the United States, if liberal Democrats will agree to allow teachers and other adults to carry legally purchased firearms to work and other locations like movie theaters. Neither side would consider this approach an outright victory, but more importantly if a teacher or other staff member was carrying a gun in Connecticut last Friday. There would have been a chance the death toll could have been much less.

I don't think it's by accident these troubled mass murdering individuals always seem to pick locations like movie theaters and public schools where the private carrying a firearms is forbidden by law. Maybe the answer to this growing problem is both more and less gun control in the United States. There may not be any single thing that could be done by anyone to save everyone's life in a future attack, but we darn sure should try to reduce the death toll.

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