Sunday, December 16, 2012

President Barack Obama Will Work To End Violence

The President of the United States just concluded an address to the citizens of Newtown, Connecticut. In his speech, President Barack Obama promised to do all he can to stop this senseless violence. The commander in chief of the United States of America does have the power to start making changes even without new laws passed by Congress.

Finding, treating and understanding what is in the mind of these mass killers is at the heart of learning how to stop them. President Obama made that point loud and clear during his address tonight. Unlike some liberal pundits and democratic politicians, the President did not say that gun control was the only way to solve this problem. Instead, he seemed willing to listen to all sides in order to find a solution that will actually work.

It's sad to say, in the short term, nothing President Obama or the Congress does will make that much difference. Problems facing the mentally ill have been left to fester in an indifferent society for far too long now and no amount of money, leadership or goodwill is going to produce a quick and positive outcome. However, something needs to be done and it will be if politicians keep their focus on fixing sick minds and not on feel good issues like more gun control or putting prayer back into the public schools.

For far too long the United States healthcare system has thrown pennies at mental issues, while at the same time paying out millions of dollars in benefits for other ailments. The time has come for insurance companies and the U.S. Federal government to treat mental health issues in the same way they do cancer and heart disease.

I'll bet if you are honest with yourself, you personally know someone who is mentally ill right now who is not receiving treatment. It is easier to just laugh off the crazy behavior of friends and family who are living in a land of their own creation - than it is to make sure they are treated for some kind of mental health issue.

The process of changing laws and opinions in regards to the treatment of mentally ill Americans is going to be a long and drawn out battle. However, the President is right that the time to begin this process is now.

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