Sunday, December 02, 2012

Watching The Dallas Cowboys Philadelphia Eagles Game

It's Sunday night, and football night in America has just started on NBC. It's too early to know if the Dallas Cowboys or the Philadelphia Eagles are going to win this game. Of course, I am cheering for the Dallas Cowboys - but my team spirit is less than stellar this year.

Even if the Dallas Cowboys win all of their remaining games, there is no guarantee they will even appear in the playoffs. I wonder how many Cowboys fans are out there like me who miss the days when Jimmy Johnson produced winning football seasons, yearly?

It didn't take long for the Philadelphia Eagles to take the lead against the Dallas Cowboys. Right now, early in the first quarter the score is Philadelphia 7 - Dallas Cowboys 0. In the good ol days, the Cowboys and Eagles would play down to the wire in the fourth quarter and fans would be on the edge of their seat until the final whistle. I have a feeling there will not be that many Philadelphia Eagles or Dallas Cowboys fans on the edge of their seats tonight.

Sorry for depressing tone of this blog posts. I just miss the good ol days when the Dallas Cowboys were always in contention to win the Superbowl. I sure hope in the near future, the Cowboys get the right players and coaches to get back to the big game again.

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