Monday, December 17, 2012

What Kind Of Change Is President Obama Proposing?

President Barack Obama spoke to the American people on Sunday night and said that America must change. He did not elaborate on what kind of change is needed to prevent more senseless bloodshed in schools and public locales around the country, but the mere fact that he used the word change will likely be good news for gun control advocates and bad news for millions of Americans who do not believe the Federal government should interfere with their right to own and bear arms.

My personal guess is that President Obama will try to put together a congressional coalition to ban assault weapons in the United States. For those of you too young to remember, there used to be an assault weapons ban in the United States. However, it was allowed to expire by the U.S. Congress, because it did not reduce the numbers of people killed by crazed gunman while it was in effect. I hope this is not the path President Obama decides to pursue.

Frankly, I doubt President Obama will be able to find enough votes in the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives to pass any kind of new gun control legislation. Ever since President Obama was elected the first time, millions of Americans have bought additional firearms because they believed he would try to take their guns away. Now if he proposes to ban assault weapons, there will be another rush to purchase firearms before any new law takes effect.

I believe President Obama should focus all of his energy and political capital on drafting new laws to address a mental health crisis that is always present in these mass murder cases. The State of Connecticut already has stronger gun control laws than most other states in the country. It is political rhetoric and not a desire to find good solutions that guide the United States pro gun control lobbyist and politicians.

There is already a huge political divide between the blue states, where most urban Americans reside and red states where small towns and family farms are the norm. If President Obama decides to line up in lock step with liberal gun control activist from blue state America, he could doom any future hope at finding compromise on any issues where central and southern state Members of Congress are needed for passage.

I'm still holding out hope that President Barack Obama will downplay the need for additional gun control measures and focus like a laser beam on tackling the real cause, which are thousands of mentally ill people who need treatment and not getting it today. Americans who refuse to deal positively in improving their own mental health must be forced into treatment programs or these senseless killings will continue to happen.

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