Tuesday, January 29, 2013

CNN Is Now Going After Handguns In Gun Violence Debate

I knew it was just a matter of time before liberal networks moved away from their "assault weapons" only ban idea and started focusing their attention on handguns, as well. Today, the "Cable News Network" (CNN) started focusing on the fact that handguns kill more Americans than all assault weapons combined. I'm sure Piers Morgan will be calling for the ban of all U.S. handguns on his program someday soon.

Tiger Woods Owns Torrey Pines Golf Course

For all practical purposes, Tiger Woods owns the golf course at Torrey Pines. For the seventh time in his career,Tiger Woods won the Farmers Insurance Open at the Torrey Pines Golf Course. For an amateur golfer like myself, Tiger Woods made it look easy as he picked off the other players one by one on his way to victory. Sadly, because of a weather delay on Sunday, Tiger Woods was not able to fully celebrate his victory until Monday night.

It's a good thing for the game of professional golf when Tiger Woods plays his best on the weekend. It's a proven fact that several million more people watched the PGA on television when Tiger Woods is in the hunt for a championship. Even on a workday Monday like yesterday, millions of folks who would normally be behind their desk working on projects, found themselves with small portable television sets or smart phones watching Tiger Woods win another championship. By the way, it is also good for my spirit when Tiger Woods wins!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Facebook Is Down January 28 & 29 2013

According to some users in large states like New York and Texas, Facebook is down tonight. No one seems to know why it is down at this point, but millions of users seem upset they are unable to connect to the worlds most popular social media address.

I first heard reports of Facebook.com being down around 10pm central time on Monday January 28, 2013. It appears that the outage tonight is bleeding over into Tuesday morning January 29, 2013 too. Click the "read more" link below to check the status of Facebook.com.

Photo Of Jennifer Lawrence's Ripped Dress

Last night, reporters were all abuzz about what happened to Jennifer Lawrence's dress on the 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards Show (SAG). In what looked like a major wardrobe malfunction, as Lawrence stood up to take the stage, her dress gave the impression that it had ripped.

Then this morning, we all learned that her dress did not rip, but instead was designed to look exactly the way it did by the designer. So much for high fashion in the eyes of regular everyday Americans.

2013 Superbowl Half-Time Show With Beyonce

We are only a few short days away from the Superbowl in 2013 and with the exception of the two teams playing in the game, most of the attention this week will be paid to Beyonce and her half-time show. Last year, Madonna was the top entertainer at the big game. For me, Beyonce is a much better choice and I expect to be blown away by her performance.

The past couple of weeks, Beyonce has been in the news for many different things. However, the pressure placed on an entertainer when they are picked to perform at the Superbowl must be unbearable.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Paul Ryan's Comment About Bill Clinton On NBC

I was shocked when I heard former VP candidate and U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan say on Meet The Press Sunday that if Bill Clinton was still the President of the United States that Americas fiscal mess would have already been cleaned up.

I personally think he misspoke and will change his tune in upcoming days. His intention was to put down President Obama, but instead he elevated former President Clinton. 

Anne Hathaway Early Winner At SAG Awards

Les Miserables star Anne Hathaway was an early winner tonight during the 19th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. As a play, Les Miserables entertained millions of people around the world and now with a major motion picture by the same name, Anne Hathaway is helping share that same enjoyment with movie goers as well.

Along with Hathaway, Tommy Lee Jones has also won an award tonight.

Movie 43 Terrible Box Office Opening Weekend

This weekend turned out to be a disaster for a new flick called "Movie 43". In what has turned out to be the biggest Hollywood flop in years, "Movie 43" earned only $5 million at the box office.

Elizabeth Banks and Brett Ratner directed the movie.

Will Tiger Woods Win Farmers Ins Open At Torrey Pines?

I must say the chances of Tiger Woods winning a major golf tournament today are looking pretty good. Sadly for Woods' and his supporters, winning major golf tournaments has not been a regular occurrence in recent years.

Right now, Tiger Woods is in the lead with a -13 score, four shots ahead of Erik Compton. 

Norovirus Stomach Flu Severe Illness

There is a new type of stomach flu going around these days. According to doctors and research scientists, this new "Norovirus" is filling up hospitals and worst of all some people are dying from it.

The U.S. Centers For Disease Control are actively tracking this new virus. There is no cure for it, so try to keep your hands clean and stay away from folks who are suffering with flu symptoms.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dallas 2.0 Saying Goodbye To Larry Hagman (JR)

With the death of Larry Hagman recently, this season of Dallas 2.0 on TNT will be a last time millions of fans will have a chance to watch JR on television.

I am old enough to remember JR back in the good old days of the late 70's and early 80's. So long, Larry.

Casey Anthony Files For Bankruptcy

On Friday, Casey Anthony of Florida filed for bankruptcy in federal court. In her filing, Ms. Anthony claims to have assets of $ 1,100 and debts in excess of $ 790,000. Casey Anthony recently had two of her former convictions overturned by an appeals court.

Casey Anthony is best known as a young mother who was arrested and later found not guilty of the murder of her two-year-old daughter.

Are Credit Card Surcharge Fees Coming?

Starting later this month, merchants around the country could start charging fees of 1.5% - 3.0% on purchases when customers choose to use credit cards to purchase goods and services.

In the past, these types of fees were not permitted through user agreements with Mastercard and Visa. However, the rules are changing and so might the amount we pay using credit cards.

People Who Look Alike But Who Are Not Twins

We have all heard before that somewhere in the world there are others who look just like us. Well, take a look at some of these pictures of folks identical, but who are not related.

Click the link below to see both men and women who look like twins, but who are not.

John & Jim Harbaughs Superbowl Dream

At the end of next weekends Superbowl game, there will only be one winning coach (brother) who will have the bragging rights for the next 12-months. However, both should be proud.

As if you hadn't noticed already, the big hype involving the 2013 Superbowl is all about the two Harbaughs' brothers coaching different teams.

Tiger Woods Playing Great At Torrey Pines

Professional golfer Tiger Woods has been playing better this year than in seasons past. After it was learned several years ago that Woods' had numerous mistresses while married, his golf game fell completely apart.

This weekend at the Farmers Insurance Open in Torrey Pines, Tiger Woods got off to a fantastic start going into the final two rounds.

73-Year-Old Tina Turner Gives Up US Citizenship

While most of the world is trying to become a U.S. citizen by any means necessary, some Americans are choosing instead to give up their citizenship and live elsewhere.

Pop icon and diva Tina Turner has decided to become a Swiss citizen.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Burt Reynolds In ICU With Flu

76-year-old actor Burt Reynolds has been hospitalized in Florida suffering from a bad case of the flu.

His doctors believe he will make a full recovery.

Manti Te'o Faces No Punishment From Nortre Dame

The most reported on sports story the past couple of weeks has been the girlfriend hoax story involving Manti Te'o from Nortre Dame.

According to school officials, the university never seriously considered punishing Te'o for lying to the school and the media.

Dolphin Stranded In Brooklyn's Gowanus Canal

On Friday, an injured dolphin was stranded in Brooklyn's Gowanus Canal. Rescue workers are trying to find a way to free it.

The water in Gowanus Canal is very polluted.

Appeals Court Throws Out Casey Anthony Convictions

A Florida appeals court today tossed out two jury convictions from Casey Anthony's murder trial back in 2011.

They left two other convictions in place.

President Obama Violated Constitution With Recess Appointments

A three member appeals court in Washington D.C. said today that President Obama violated the U.S. Constitution when he appointed members to the National Labor Relations Board without congressional permission.

The ruling was unanimous.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Richard Nixon's 100th Birthday

If he was still alive, President Richard Nixon would have been one hundred years old today. In 1972, President Nixon was impeached by the US House of Representatives and his removal from office was pretty much assured by the Senate - if he had not resigned.

I was a young boy when Richard Nixon served as President, but I still remember how concerned my parents were as he tried to hold onto power even when most of the voters had turned against him. Americans should always remember Richard Nixon if not for any other reason but what absolute power can do to a person.

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Gun Control Base Will Hurt Obama

During his first term as President, Barack Obama stayed clear of the deeply divisive issue of gun control. However, after another mass shooting of school children - he is preparing to dive head first into more gun control and that will hurt him with moderate Americans.

There are conservative and liberal Americans and then there are out-of-touch "wing nuts" in both political party's. While there is no real reason why assault weapons should be legal in the USA, liberal "wing nuts" will not stop with that and will instead try to ban as many guns as possible. When that happens, the President will lose more than he will gain with the American people.

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0 Dark 30 Osama Bin Laden Movie

My wife and I are looking forward to visiting a local theater to watch the movie "0 Dark 30" this weekend. I hope to learn more about what went on behind the scenes when U.S. Navy Seals killed Americas number one enemy.

There have been documentary type movies already made about the raid to kill Osama Bin Laden, but "0 Dark 30" appears to tell the story in a movie format which should give new life to the major characters. I hope this movie does well at the box office.

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Who Poisoned Lottery Winner?

In Chicago a huge mystery has been uncovered after a medical examiner reported Urooj Khan was murdered one day after winning a one million dollar prize in the lottery. After taxes, Khan was awarded a check in the amount of $425,000.

Who poisoned this lottery winner? Right now, police in Chicago are investigating this crime and hope to make an arrest soon. Kahn's wife said that he had no enemies, but it is now clear he had at least one or at the bare minimum someone who killed him in order to steal his money.

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Robert Griffin III (RG3) Surgery

In a few days, Robert Griffin III (RG3) will undergo surgery on his knee. Washington Redskin fans and a whole host of sports commentators are weighing in on Griffin's injury and who is likely to blame for it.

While many of the new NFL rules designed to protect quarterbacks in the league are a good thing, nothing would have prevented the injuries suffered by RG3 other than keeping him from playing in the first place. Football is a tough sport and all who play it on a professional basis know the dangers of stepping on the field.

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Who Is Jacob Lew?

President Barack Obama nominated Jacob Lew to be the next Treasury Secretary of the United States, today. Who is Jacob Lew? Right now, he serves as the White House Chief of Staff in the Obama administration.

Mr. Lew is well known in Washington circles, but outside the beltway few people have even heard of him. Actually, I think keeping a low profile in Washington D.C. is a good thing - so maybe Jacob Lew is just what the doctor order for this country?

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Is Another Government Shutdown Coming In 2013?

Sadly, Republicans and Democrats are still unable to agree on much of anything in Washington D.C.. To make matters worse, soon the U.S. debt ceiling will need to be raised and some in the GOP want to shut the government down in order to force President Obama to make spending cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

The last time Congress and the President were unable to agree on a debt ceiling increase, major credit rating agencies upgraded the risk of United States debt. Some in Congress seem to be excited about the possibility the U.S. government will be shutdown again because Republicans and Democrats cannot come to a compromise. I certainly hope an agreement is reached before more damage is done to the country's credit rating.

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2012/2013 Bad Flu Season

We are barely into flu season, but thousands of Americans are sick and getting sicker as new strains of flu are wreaking havoc on the nation. Usually, large numbers of people begin getting the flu in mid to late January. However, in December of 2012 - thousands of folks were already sick and dying from deadly strains of the flu virus.

To make matters worse, the most prevalent form of flu in the years 2012-2013 is not the same type as the current vaccine protects against. Hospitals across America are filled to overflowing with people suffering from severe cases of flu. Some hospitals have even put up huge tents to help house the numbers of sick patients showing up to be treated.

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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Will Oprah Get Lance Armstrong To Come Clean?

Apparently, Oprah will soon interview Lance Armstrong about his alleged doping back when he was the top cyclist in the world. Almost everyone who ever worked with Armstrong has come forward to claim he cheated by using steroids during and before competitions.

Now it seems like Lance is ready to come clean with the public about what he did. Frankly, I don't care anymore what Lance Armstrong has to say for himself. The truth has been in the public domain for years now, while he has continued to lie like a Major League baseball player. For me, I will not watch Oprah's interview with Lance Armstrong.

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Rob Ryan Fired By Jerry Jones

I heard tonight that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had fired defensive coach Rob Ryan. At this time, it is not clear whether Rob Ryan's dismissal will be just the first or the last of Jerry Jones' so called team improvements.

Personally, I thought Rob Ryan was doing a good job for the Cowboys - so I have a bad feeling about what the team will do next when it comes to changes. The first person I would have fired would have been Tony Romo, but Jerry cannot fire him without paying out millions of dollars for the privilege. More to come, I hope.

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Stop The RG3 Blame Game Over Injury

The past few days, I have heard numerous talking heads in the world of sports commenting on the Washington Redskins RG3 injury. At first everyone was ready to blame the head coach for leaving him in the game last weekend and now other sports pundits are starting to blame Robert Griffin III himself.

RG3 has said that the coach would have had to drag him off the field during their playoff game with the Seahawks and I take him at his word. No matter how many new rules are put into place in the NFL to protect quarterbacks, the truth is the sport itself is violent and everyone who plays the game understands that very well.

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Casey Anthony Appeals Lying Convictions

I had hope to never write about Casey Anthony again, but when I heard this morning that her lawyers were planning to appeal the one part of her murder trial that ended in conviction. I just had to say something. Casey Anthony is the luckiest person in world because she was wrongly found not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee.

Instead of being thankful for her good fortune, Ms. Anthony is now trying to claim that she did not lie to the police and that legal appeal is just adding insult to injury. Maybe it is just built into the human condition for liars to always believe they can pull the wool over the eyes of others and that is the real reason why this appeal was filed.

I guess it is the narcissism of Casey Anthony that pushes her to continue to stay in the public eye, rather than fading off into the sunset to be forgotten forever.

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