Friday, January 31, 2014

NFL Injuries Need Close Review

With the 2014 Super Bowl only a few days away, now is a good time to talk about some of the injuries that are affecting both young and old players. Like many of you, I use to just look the other way quickly after a football player was injured and taken off the field. However - now I am beginning to wonder, if the National Football League is doing all it can to prevent some of the more serious injuries? Only a few months ago, the NFL agreed to pay a huge sum of money toward the medical expenses of injured players going back decades. Most of this cash, was dedicated to brain injuries that to date have affected dozens of players. The problem for the NFL and owners of the teams is that they do not know where this injury situation is going to end up. Already - fans of the game are complaining about many of the changes designed to better protect players, especially the quarterbacks. Put simply, the game of professional football always has been and continues to be a very dangerous sport. The NFL is and should be concerned, if fans will remain loyal to the game when more of the risky behavior associated with playing football is removed. Somehow the NFL must find a happy medium between a violent sport where anyone can be injured for life and a friendly game of touch football where only a few people will be interested in watching the games.