Monday, March 31, 2014

What Happened To Rice University Student Reny Jose On Spring Break?

The father of a college student who went missing in Florida while on spring break believes his son's friends are withholding information from he and the police. You may remember this story from a few weeks back, but now with no new information on what happened to Reny Jose. His father is starting to doubt many of the answers his fellow classmates are providing to the family. There is no evidence that any of Reny's friends had anything to do with his disappearance. However, police in Panama City are continuing their investigation.

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Phillip Stapleton, 19, Struck/Killed By Pickup Truck - Fullerton California

A young man from Buena Park, California lost his life on Saturday when he was hit by a pickup truck in Fullerton. 19-year-old Phillip Stapleton died at the intersection of East Valencia Drive and South Magnolia Avenue around 2:45 PM. According to law enforcement, the accident was likely Stapleton's fault, even though he was in a cross-walk when he was hit.

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Byrd High School Student Divorious Magee Killed While Riding Bike - Shreveport Louisiana

On Friday, a young student at Byrd High School in Shreveport, Louisiana was hit by a car. He was hospitalized, but did not survive his injuries. 16-year-old Divorious Magee died at a local hospital after he was hit by the driver of a Ford Taurus on East 79th Street at Thornhill Avenue. Police believe that Magee was responsible for the accident, because he allegedly did not yield at a stop sign. The driver of the car, Tatiana Johnson, was ticketed by police - because she did not have a valid driver's license. Magee was a junior at the high school.

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Marcell Franklin, Kendal Dorsey, Diontrey Claiborne Shot/Killed - Baton Rouge Louisiana

Three young men were killed by gunfire Friday night while attending a birthday bash. 16-year-old Marcell Franklin, 15-year-old Kendal Dorsey and 18-year-old Diontrey Claiborne all died after being shot. The shootings occurred at the Baker Civic Club. It is not clear at this time why these young men were targeted or if this was just a random act of violence. 19-year-old Javaughn Simmons was also shot, but is expected to survive.

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Withrow High School Student Tyann Adkins Shot/Killed - Cincinnati Ohio

A young student at Withrow High School in the Avondale section of Cincinnati, Ohio was killed on Saturday when she was shot by a friend. 14-year-old Tyann Adkins died after she was allegedly accidentally shot in the chest. The young person who shot Adkins is expected to face charges in court on Monday. Neighbors, friends, family and classmates of Tyann released balloons in her memory on Sunday.

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Scripps Institution of Oceanography Student Rachel Anne Morrison Killed - San Diego California

A PhD student at Scripps Institution of Oceanography was killed late Friday night when she was struck by a hit and run drunk driver. 27-year-old Rachel Anne Morrison died at the scene, Camino Del Mar and Coast Boulevard, around 10:15 PM. Morrison was crossing the street with a friend when a speeding car hit her. The friend was able to get out of the way and was not seriously hurt. Later, police were able to locate the vehicle that hit Morrison and took the owner, Christopher Stockmeyer, into custody.

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Valley Heights High School Student Seth McKay Killed - Marysville Kansas

A junior at Valley Heights High School in Marysville, Kansas was killed in a one vehicle accident today. 17-year-old Seth McKay died when his vehicle left the roadway and hit a tree on US Highway 77. The wreck occurred about one mile south of Marysville. Seth is survived by his parents Grant and Linda and one sister, Bailey, who is also a student at Valley Heights.

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West Albany High School Student Sara-Tessa Raechelle Lytle, 16, Killed By Train In Oregon

A teenage girl was killed by a train late last night in Albany, Oregon. 16-year-old Sara-Tessa Raechelle Lytle, a student at West Albany High School, died after being struck by a Union Pacific train at Highway 99E and Beta Drive. According to company officials, Lytle was walking in-between the two train tracks in a dark section when she was runover by the locomotive. This occurred around 11:00 PM. The train was traveling 40 MPH and had more than one mile of train cars pulled behind it.

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Kansas Woman, Naomi McClendon, 18, Killed - Tempe Arizona

A young woman from Kansas died in Tempe, Arizona today after falling from a ten story building. Naomi McClendon, age 18, was pronounced dead at the scene. Police said the building was residential, but did not get into the reason behind how or why she fell. Law enforcement did say that alcohol was believed to be a factor in this death.

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bishop Dwenger High School Student Haley M. Nellum Killed - Fort Wayne Indiana

A young woman lost her life last night when her car was hit by a person who was allegedly driving intoxicated. 17-year-old Haley M. Nellum, a student and basketball player at Bishop Dwenger High School was killed around midnight when her vehicle was hit at Stellhorn and Hobson Road. The driver of the vehicle that hit her, Jeremy Washington, was apparently fleeing the scene of a shooting at a nearby bar when he ran a red light and slammed into Nellum. Haley died at the scene.

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Christopher Smithburg, 16, Missing - Nolensville Tennessee

A young home schooled boy is missing in Tennessee. His parents and local law enforcement are asking the pubic for help in locating him. His name is Christopher Smithburg and he is 16-years-old. He was last seen on Thursday near his home on Rocky Fork Road. He is 5'4" and weighs 110 pounds. Christopher has black hair and brown eyes. If you have seen him, please call the sheriffs office at 615-790-5550.

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Sam Wiater, 21, Suicide Possible - Athens Ohio

While the case of Sam Wiater is still considered one of a missing person, police in Athens, Ohio are now speculating that he may have committed suicide. After communications with Wiater's mother and girlfriend, there seems to be a possiblity that he took his own life - according to police. Wiater has been missing for two weeks and numerous searches of the Hocking River, where his car was found, did not yield any clues. Law enforcement officers in Athen, OH are asking the public for help in their search for Wiater. If you have any information which would lead to his whereabouts, you are asked to please contact the police department.

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LA Earthquake, March 28 2014, Not The Big One

It turned out not to be the 'big one' folks have been expecting for a long time in Southern California, but the 5.1 magnitude earthquake that rattled Los Angeles last night did cause some to worry. I always get concerned when too many years go by without a huge California earthquake, because if history has proven anything to us - it is that there will be another huge earthquake on the West Coast and when it happens it will kill thousands of people. As a Texas resident, I use to never worry about earthquakes here. However, that is no longer the case as regular small tremors are becoming common place even in the Lone Star State.

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Ed Walsh, Michael Kennedy, Funerals Wednesday & Thursday

Two firefighters who lost their lives in the line-of-duty this week will be honored in funeral services on Wednesday and Thursday. Walsh was a 9-year veteran and his funeral will be held at 10:00 AM Wednesday at St. Patrick Parish in Watertown. Kennedy was with the Boston Fire Department for 6-years and his funeral will take place at 11:00 AM Thursday at Holy Name in West Roxbury.

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Wesley Culpepper, 15, Funeral Service Monday

One of three young men who died in a car accident this week will be laid to rest on Monday. 15-year-old Wesley Culpepper's funeral service will be held at Ginghamsburg Church in Tipp City, Ohio beginning at 10:00 AM. Culpepper was a student at Tecumseh High School.

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Cory Flemming Jr., 14, Killed In Dirt Bike Accident

A teenager from Florida died Friday when his dirt bike collided with a big rig truck. The crash occurred on Hemlock Avenue in Polk County. The truck driver said he saw the young man riding the bike on the grass next to the roadway and without warning the kid veered into the rear wheels of his vehicle. 14-year-old Cory Flemming was declared dead at the scene.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Adam Griffis & Andres Lopez Killed In Georgia Plane Crash

Two men, one from Prattville and the other Colombia, Alabama have died in a plane crash. 31-year-old Adam Griffis and Andres Lopez Sr. were declared dead on Thursday. The crash happened as they were flying from North Carolina to Florida on Monday. Recovery personnel used sonar devices to locate the plane and the bodies of the men. The National Transportation Safety Board is conducting an investigation.

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Brandon Goode & Alex Hollinghurst Murder Cop, Commit Suicide

Robert German died in the line-of-duty on Saturday. With a story-line right out of a bad movie, teenagers Brandon Goode age 18 and Alex Hollinghurst age 17 fatally shot a police officer and then took their own lives after being reported missing. German was a veteran officer with the Windermere Police Department. Law enforcement in Florida are still trying to piece together what exactly happened. At this time, all that is known for certain is that three people are dead.

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Bahia Bisharat, 19, Missing St. Peters Missouri

A search for a St. Charles Community College student is planned for Saturday. 19-year-old Bahia Bisharat has been missing since last Wednesday. Her friends and classmates have planned a group search for her on March 29th starting at 10:00 AM. Volunteers are asked to show up at #1 Academy Place to join the search. A note was found inside her car that read 'goodbye'. While police have no evidence suggesting foul play, her parents believe she was kidnapped.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Katheryn Deprill Meets Birth Mom 27 Years Later

People are always talking about the strong bond between mothers and daughters and a story this week proves that is right. 27-years ago, a young woman found herself pregnant after being raped in another country. Somehow, she was able to keep the fact she became pregnant from the rape from her parents. However, after delivery she knew she could not care for the child so she placed her in the restroom of a Burger King restaurant hoping and praying that someone would find and hopefully care for her. Fast forward 27 years now mother and daughter have finally been reunited thanks to an appeal from the once baby on Facebook for her mother to come forward so she could meet her. This is a heart-warming story.

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Katherine Bronken Dies From Plane Crash Injuries

A young woman who was injured a few days ago in a plane crash that took the life of her father, also passed away on Wednesday. Katherine Bronken, a teenager from Round Lake Illinois, died in a Florida hospital. Keyana Linbo, a friend of Katherine, remains in the hospital in 'stable' condition. The three were flying to Florida to celebrate spring break.

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Daniel Tittle, Wesley Culpepper, Charles Luthe, Killed In Crash - Ohio

Three teenagers died in an automobile accident Wednesday morning in Clark County, Ohio. 17-year-old Daniel Tittle, 15-year-old Wesley Culpepper and 16-year-old Charles Luthe all died when the car they were in crashed into a tree and split in half. All three attended Tecumseh High School. The entire student body was in a state of shock on Wednesday after news of this tragedy spread throughout the campus. According to police, the car was speeding at the time of the wreck - which occurred around 6:00 AM.

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Bryton Decker Killed In Car Wreck - Watertown, South Dakota

An automobile accident in South Dakota Tuesday night took the life of one teenager and injured another two. 17-year-old Bryton Decker died when he was ejected from a car when it rolled over. Christian Kaaz and Travis Peterson were riding in the same vehicle and suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

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Henry Bussinger Killed In Car Crash - Parsons, Kansas

There was an automobile accident last night that claimed the life of a young man. 15-year-old Henry J. Bussinger died when the Honda Civic he was driving rolled over on Pratt Road in Labette County. Bussinger was alone in the car and was pronounced dead at the scene. The wreck occurred around 10:00 PM.

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SCA Teenager Walter Gonzalez Drowns At Yosemite Park

According to Rangers, a young man went into the water recently at Yosemite National Park to aid his parents and ended up losing his life in the process. 17-year-old Walter Gonzalez of Simi Valley, California died on Sunday from an apparent drowning. The teenager went into the water after one or more of his parents stepped into a deep hole and were having trouble swimming back to shore. Both parents survived.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Eldon Samuel Charged With Double Murder In Coeur d’Alene Idaho

A young man, who police said planned the murder of his father and brother is in custody tonight. 14-year-old Eldon G. Samuel III allegedly shot and killed his father, Eldon Samuel Jr. and younger brother Jonathan, on Monday night. According to police, Samuel was angry both at his father and brother and blamed them for his unhappy life.

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Natalie Munoz Killed In Traffic Accident Davenport Iowa

A student at Bettendorf High School died on Monday morning in a wreck. 17-year-old Natalie Munoz died when the vehicle she was driving lost control on River Drive. Friends of young Natalie told reporters she was one of the nicest people in the world. Classmates have been using social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to come together and grieve this tragic loss.

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Taylor Dowdle Killed After Car Lost Control In Harrison Ohio

A teenager died yesterday when the car he was driving lost control and hit an embankment. 16-year-old Taylor Dowdle died and Lynn Alexia Evans, also 16, was injured on County Road 13 in Harrison County. The vehicle, a 2006 Kia Sorento, left the roadway, and then hit a tree before coming to rest. Dowdle was a student at Harrison Central Jr./Sr. High School.

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Terick Robert Jackson Killed By Fire In Guthrie OK

There was a fire Saturday night in a home in Guthrie, Oklahoma and when the flames were put out at 15-year-old young man was found dead. Terick Robert Jackson apparently was trapped in his second floor bedroom when his house caught fire. The home was located on Springer. Jackson's mother and younger brother were able to escape the burning home unharmed.

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Tommy Hoang Killed In Snowboarding Accident In Vermont

A young man lost his life in a snowboarding accident on Saturday in Vermont. 16-year-old Tommy Hoang died when he crashed into sign near a wooded area. The ski patrol found Hoang shortly after he crashed, but were unable to find a pulse. He was taken to a local clinic were they were able to restart his heart. Hoang was then transferred to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in New Hampshire where he died a short time after arrival.

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Juan Carlos Dominguez-Palomino Car Crash Fatality In Aurora CO

17-year-old Juan Carlos Dominguez-Palomino died yesterday when a vehicle ran a red light in Aurora, Colorado and hit his car. The wreck occurred around midnight at East Colfax Avenue and Dayton Street. A memorial was held for him on Monday night at the scene of the accident. Dozens of family and friends showed up to pay their respects. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Ashli Whitehair Hit/Killed By Vehicle In Kanawha WV

21-year-old Ashli Whitehair, a student at the University of Charleston, died early Monday morning when she was hit by a vehicle. The accident happened on Frame Road in Elkview, West Virginia. The school is planning an on-campus memorial to honor Whitehair at a future date.

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Korey Nicholls Hit & Killed By Train In Pulaski KY

A student at the University of Kentucky, 19-year-old Korey Nicholls, was killed early Monday morning when he was stuck by a train. Police believe there is a likelihood Nicholls deliberately stood on the tracks and allowed the passing train to hit him. The engineer tried to stop the train, but was unable to before running over Nicholls. This happened at 5:30 AM. Nicholls lived with his grandparents on Kentucky Highway 452.

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Jonathan Porter Has Died From Injuries In Gwinnett GA

A student at Parkview High School, 16-year-old Jonathan Porter, passed away in a local hospital last weekend. Porter was critically injured when he was hit by a car on Tuesday. This accident occurred on Five Forks Trickum Road in Gwinnett County, Georgia. The school announced counselors will be available tomorrow for teachers and students. No charges are expected to be filed against the driver of the vehicle that hit Porter.

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Joshua Robert Helm Dies From Fall In Charlotte NC

18-year-old Joshua Robert Helm lost his life last weekend when he fell seven stories to his death. At this time, the fall is being treated as an accident. This happened on the UNC Charlotte campus on Sunday morning. Helm's body was sent for an autopsy and police are refusing to discuss what they believed occurred until it is completed.

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Niokoa Johnson Killed In Race Car Crash Marion County FL

15-year-old Niokoa Johnson lost her life Saturday night when the race car she was driving crashed into a concrete barrier. The accident occurred at the 'Bubba Raceway Park' on Gainsville Road. Johnson was the only driver on the track when she lost control of her Nissan Sentra 'race-ready' car. This all happened around 6:30 PM. Johnson was taken to Ocala Regional Medical Center and then transferred to Shands Medical Center for treatment. Around 3:00 PM Sunday, she was pronounced dead. At this time, Johnson's death is being ruled an accident.

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Logan Wells Killed While Skateboarding In Yorba Linda CA

16-year-old Logan Wells died when he was hit by a car, while skateboarding, on Sunday in Yorba Linda, California. The driver of the vehicle who hit Wells was a 61-year-old man driving a Kia Sorrento. The accident occurred around 4:45 AM on Bastanchury Road near Secretariat Way. Wells was taken to Western Medical Center in Santa Ana where he died a short time after arrival.

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King University Student DeShaun Greer Shot & Killed

24-year-old DeShaun Greer - a student at King University in Bristol, Tennessee - was shot and killed early Sunday morning. The incident occurred outside a nightclub, The Battery, on Franklin Road. 21-year-old Jamison Greer, 23-year-old Zachary Breedlove, and 27-year-old Jonathan McInturff were shot and injured at the same location. Their current conditions are not known. Police believe there was some kind of argument inside the club and when it closed that dispute continued into the parking lot where the gunshots were fired. 24-year-old Jamarcus Jackson was arrested by police and charged with second-degree murder. His bond was set at $200,000.

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University Of Pikeville Teen Student Timothy Thomas Killed

18-year-old Timothy Thomas died last night when he was thrown from a vehicle during a car accident. This all happened on East I-64 when he lost control of his vehicle and slammed into a guardrail. Thomas was taken to a nearby hospital where he was declared dead on arrival.

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Teen Katherine Bronken & Keyana Linbo Injured In Plane Crash

15-year-old Katherine Bronken From Highland Park, Illinois was seriously injured when a plane flown by her father crash in Florida on Saturday. The pilot, Jeffrey Bronken age 53, was killed. Bronken was flying his daughter and one of her friends to Florida for spring break. Both Katherine and Keyana were seriously injured and are being treated at a hospital.

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Justin Lott Arrested In Kasey Waychoff Spring Break Death

29-year-old Justin Lott has been arrested in connection to the death of 19-year-old Kasey Waychoff, an OSU student from Flower Mound Texas. Waychoff was on spring break in Gulf Shores when she was struck and killed by a vehicle. According to police, Waychoff was walking with some fellow classmates in the bicycle lane when Lott allegedly ran over her. Lott admitted to police that he had been drinking alcohol when this tragic fatality occurred.

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Marysville CA Teenager Mateus Moore Hit & Killed By Train

16-year-old Mateus Moore from Marysville, California died on Friday night when he was hit by a train. Moore and his girlfriend Mickayla Friend were walking along the railroad tracks when this accident occurred. According to witnesses, the only reason Friend survived was because Moore pushed her off the track just as the train stuck and killed him. At last report, Friend was in a local hospital in critical condition.

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Marysville CA Teen Mickayla Friend Injured By Train

A young man was killed and a teenage girl is fighting for her life after both were hit by a train on Friday night. The incident happened in Marysville, California. The name of the boy who was killed has not been released at this time. However - the family of the young girl who was injured, 16-year-old Mickayla Friend, has asked the public to please pray for her as she battles for life in the hospital.

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St. Pete Beach FL Teen Patrick McClean Run Over & Killed

17-year-old Patrick McClean died on Friday when he was run over by two different vehicles in St. Pete Beach, Florida. According to police, McClean was walking across Gulf Blvd when he was first hit by a Hyundai and then by a VW. The Hyundai was driven by Patsy Harris and the VW by Sean Daniel. McClean died at the scene. Authorities said that alcohol might have been a factor.

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Western Rockingham Middle School Student Mason Carter Killed

13-year-old Mason Carter, a 7th grade student at Western Rockingham County Middle School in Madison, lost his life Friday night. According to police, a deer went through the window of a vehicle he was in causing his death. The accident happened on US Route 311 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

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Massillon OH Teen Jamie Lynn DeLeon Killed By Car

17-year-old Jamie Lynn DeLeon, a teenager from Massillon Ohio, passed away on Friday after she was hit by a car. According to police, the accident happened around 4:00 PM on Lillian Gish Blvd. DeLeon was in a crosswalk when 50-year-old Gregg Harris, who was driving a Chevrolet Silverado, hit her. DeLeon was pronounced dead shortly after arrival at Affinity Medical Center.

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Rutgers Student From Latvia Santa Pumpura Killed In Accident

21-year-old Santa Pumpura, a junior student at Rutgers University from Latvia, was killed Friday night on the New Jersey Turnpike. According to police, Pumpura and 23-year-old Halim Habib got a flat-tire and pulled over to fix it. As they were on the side of the road, a Dodge Caravan swerved onto the shoulder hitting both people. While Habib was taken to a local hospital for treatment, Pumpura died a short time after arrival.

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Waltham High School MA Student Tyler Zanco Shot & Killed

17-year-old Tyler Zanco, a student at Waltham High School in Mass, died late Thursday night after being shot. The shooting occurred at Gardencrest Apartments at 31 Middlesex Circle. According to some of his friends, Zanco intended to join the US military when he graduated from high school. No one has been arrested at this time and police are asking anyone with information to please come forward.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Glenwood High School Teen Student Tanner Porter Killed

17-year-old student Tanner Porter, a student at Glenwood High School in Iowa, died on Thursday when he lost control of the pickup he was driving. The accident happened on 221st Street in Mills County. Porter hit a power poll and his truck ended up in a ditch after the crash.

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Mitchell High School Teen Student Laquisha Lipsey Killed

17-year-old Laquisha Lipsey, a student at Mitchell High School in Memphis Tennessee, died on Thursday from injuries she suffered in a car crash. Lipsey was the front seat passenger in a vehicle driven by Jashunda Reed, age 18, when police say the car wrecked into a light pole. Reed for arrested for reckless driving.

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