Sunday, April 20, 2014

Has Vladimir Putin Gone Mad Or Is He Just Crazy Like A Fox?

If you take the time to examine the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin recently, you might mistakenly believe that he is suffering from some type of madness. However, it is very possible that instead of having mental problems - he is instead working his political magic on world leaders who are no match for his negotiating techniques. When it comes to getting your way as a world leader there are always two roads to travel. The first is the short game, where most world leaders find themselves today. The second and most important is the long game and it appears that President Putin is far more skilled than President Obama and other leaders around the world in getting what he wants for the long term. When Putin recently ordered troops into a small section of Ukraine called Crimea most world leaders, including President Obama, tried put him on a guilt trip with diplomatic talk explaining to President Putin that he was on the wrong side of history. It must have been difficult for Putin not to laugh out loud when he was told by Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama that basically he (Putin) was a bad boy and needed to take his troops and go home. I think it is extremely possible that all President Putin wanted from the beginning was Crimea. That section of Ukraine is where critical military sea facilities are located and also the location where much of the Russian fleet sets out to sea from. It appears right now that when all the dust settles, President Obama and European leaders will back off their demand that Putin pull out of Crimea and instead let him keep what he really wanted in the first place, if he doesn't invade any more of Ukraine. It's very difficult to see how President Putin is going to pay any significant price for invading Crimea. My opinion is that in the end President Obama and the other NATO leaders will simply declare victory and let Putin keep Crimea for his own.

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