Saturday, April 19, 2014

Kevin Skinner, America's Got Talent Winner, Where Is He Now?

About five years ago, I regularly wrote about an up and coming country music star named Kevin Skinner. Back in 2009, Skinner won the top prize in the NBC reality TV show Americas Got Talent. Few of us thought at the time Kevin had much of a chance at winning that year's competition, but when all the votes were cast he was the last man standing. From the time Kevin Skinner won AGT and until the time he started to fade from public memory was one of the shortest in recent memory. Much of the reason why Kevin did not realize an American dream of becoming a big time country music star was one of his own choosing. After winning the money, Kevin decided to blaze his own path in the music business and if he really wanted to have it all – he certainly made a bad choice in that decision. While I don't know Kevin Skinner personally, I would be surprised if he is not living life on his own terms today just as he did back in 2009. Sadly, many folks look at entertainers and judge them by the amount of number one records they have released or how many times they have appeared on television shows. I think it is possible that Kevin Skinner did not want all the fame and pitfalls that come with that notoriety and decided to simply focus on his kind of music and singing it to the few who really appreciate his brand of entertainment.

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