Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Louisville Male High School Student Maddie Yates Suicide – Kentucky

It seems like everyday there is bad news reported somewhere in the world, but when I read about a high school student from Louisville, Kentucky taking her own life recently – I started to wonder how such a terrible thing could happen to a person who seemed to have so much to live for. Teenager, Maddie Yates took her own life this week after battling depression for a long time. Sadly - this was not an exception to a rule, but something that has become far to common. Someone told me once that suicide was a permeate solution to a temporary problem and I tend to agree with that. It is unfortunate that with all the modern medical treatments for depression today, someone so young could believe that that suicide was a viable option. While the taking of ones life is not exclusive to young people, it seems more terrible to me. May God grant peace to Maddie Yates friends and family and if anyone reading this post believes that suicide is a realistic solution for their problems - please seek out help, because 'this too shall pass'.

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