Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pros/Cons Of Banning Donald Sterling

I have always heard that rich people live differently than the rest of us and after learning more then I wanted to know about NBA Clippers owner Donald Sterling, I believe that to be true. Not only is he an alleged closet racist, but from a moral standpoint he is lacking as well. It appears that Sterling's racism was brought into public view by his mistress who herself is half African-American. On Tuesday, NBA commissioner Adam Silver banned Sterling for life from attending NBA games and practices. However, he does not have the power to force him to sell the team. What are the pros and cons of NBA owners forcing one of their own to sell a team against his will? On the pros side, it is clear that Donald Sterling has given up any right he should have to profit from the hard work of the players who are on the LA Clippers team. Forcing Sterling to sell his team would also send a powerful message to other NBA team owners that there will be consequences for bad behavior, especially when they express racist comments. Another huge thing on the pros side of forcing Donald Sterling to sell his team is the message it will send to owners of other sport franchises who might also share his twisted view of non-white people. There are cons to forcing Donald Sterling to sell his NBA team and those include the possible case of opening a can of worms when it comes to questionable behavior by owners in the future. If that really is Sterling's voice on those tape recordings, then he should be banned from owning an NBA team. However, it is also true that Sterling is an unfaithful spouse to his wife. On the cons side of forcing NBA owners to sell their team when their views are not shared by most folks, is the fact that some fans will believe he should not be allowed to own an NBA team simply because he is an adulterer. That's the can of worms I am talking about when it comes to this step to force an NBA owner to sell his team because of public outrage. All things considered, I must come down on the side that Sterling should be forced to sell the Clippers. Whether it be in his bedroom or his racist views, he appears to not care what damage he has done to the game of professional basketball and that fact alone should be sufficient to completely force him out as an NBA team owner.

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