Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pros/Cons Of Bureau Of Land Management Seizing Private Property

Much has been reported recently about the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) trying to seize the property of a rancher in Nevada. This is a complicated issue where both sides honestly believe they are right by the law. There are many pros and cons to the US federal government taking the land of citizens and I will attempt to write about some of those here. On the pros side, if the government was unable to take the land of private property holders, none of us would have highways to drive on. All major road systems in the nation were created after government was allowed to take small parts of land from property owners and pay them a fair market price. If the country relied solely on voluntary compliance when it comes to building roads, few would even be completed. Another thing on the pros side of the government taking property from land owners is that sometimes it is the only way that owed money can be collected from people who refuse to pay the government, because they do not recognize it's right to tax land in the first place. The cons to BLI confiscating private property from American citizens are much more complicated and rooted in the United States Constitution. Many people, including myself, believe the US government has already taken away far too much land from citizens in the first place. Needing a small amount of land to build a highway is one thing, but seizing vast acres of property is something else entirely. The whole American dream is based on ownership of land and when the federal government decides to take that land and use it for it's own purposes there are going to be big problems. Millions of Americans do not trust the US government to do the right thing on most issues and when that same government starts taking away the one thing that many Americans use to proclaim their independence. It is not surprising that many Americans will show up with guns to protect the rights they believe were granted to them in the US Constitution. In my opinion, the cons of taking large areas of land through confiscation by the federal government far outweighs the pros. When you seize land from it's rightful owner in the USA, you take away what has made this nation special for millions of citizens over the past 200 plus years.

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