Saturday, April 19, 2014

Pros/Cons Of Comprehensive Immigration Reform

For decades, both Republicans and Democrats have been trying to find a way for people who have come to the United States illegally to obtain a pathway to citizenship. While most Americans believe this is the right thing to do, there are a large number of Americans who are dead-set against the idea. What are the pros and cons of congress passing comprehensive immigration reform? On the pros side, finding a way to allow 10-15 million people living in the United States to become citizens would greatly increase the amount of taxes collected by the government, since many immigrants from Mexico now live in the shadows earning small amounts of money that is paid in cash to avoid detection. Another thing on the pros side of immigration reform is that it would keep families together as a unit. According to US law, when children are born inside the country they instantly become US citizens. Immigration reform would allow families to stay together. On the cons side of immigration reform, providing amnesty to people who have broken the law without punishing them first – might encourage others to break the law and believe they too might not have to pay a price for illegal behavior. There is another big thing on the cons side that has nothing to do with right or wrong, but is completely political. Simply put, most immigrants are likely to vote democratic when they become citizens of the United States. That reality is the main reason why some leaders in the GOP are against any type of pathway to citizenship where 10-15 million more Americans are allowed to vote, mainly for democrats, in elections. The GOP could turn this con into a pro, but to date they have not.

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