Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pros/Cons Of Drones Filling The Skies

The times are always changing and the newest technology facing regulation are drones. It use to be only the military flew drones to spy on enemies and adversaries in battle. However, now days private citizens and public businesses are getting into the act of purchasing their own drones and flying them anywhere they want to. What are the pros and cons of privately owned drones and should the government begin regulating them now, before the skies are filled with them? The biggest thing on the pros side of owning a drone is that it would be fun to fly a small aircraft into places difficult or impossible to reach without them. That could also be a big issue on the cons side, if people are flying drones into locations you don't want them to be in. There is so little privacy left anymore with cameras everywhere and this new addition of drone technology is going to make privacy almost extinct in the future. Another thing on the pros side of drone technology is the speed and ease products can be delivered to consumers in the future. Companies like and Dominoes Pizza are already running experiments using drones to deliver their products to consumers quickly and easily in record time. The cons of a sky filled with privately owned drones are many, but most of them involve public safety and the right of all Americans to enjoy some privacy in their lives. The pros that make flying drones good are also the same as the cons that make them bad. Just image a sky filled with these small airplanes and helicopters making noise and ruining a nice day out at the park or a lake. Life today is already too busy and rushed for many people, so the constant buzz of drones flying around everywhere might cause some folks to snap. Another huge con of drone technology is the way it will certainly be used by some people to spy on others. In a world filled with drones, security fences will be no match for them and I have no doubt that some people will use them to spy on their friends and neighbors simply because they can. There must be new laws passed to protect the privacy of the public from this new technology or it's many pitfalls and problems will destroy a good thing, before it even has a chance to get off the ground.

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