Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pros/Cons Of Drugging School Children

For many years now, public schools around the United States have been encouraging parents to drug their children in order to have better behavior in the classroom. It's kind of funny to me that on one hand school districts are working overtime to keep kids from taking drugs, but on the other they are trying to get parents to take their children to doctors for medications that will control their actions. Have any of these school leaders bothered to look at their own history books and discover that kids with the worst behavior in school, many times turn out to be the most successful in life when they grow up? Just look at Bill Gates or even the masters of classical music. All were not very successful in school, but went on the lead very productive lives afterward. So what are the pros and cons of drugging kids with medications to change their behavior. The only reason I can think of on the pros side is that it will make children easier to control and manage in the public school system. Sadly, US public schools are more about conformity than they are in teaching what it really takes to be successful in life. On the cons side, taking an unruly child and drugging them during the time of life when their brains are still developing seems like one of the worst ideas I have ever heard of. It's a definite con when a school system or parents take the personality of a child who is different and try to impose a more socially and politically correct one in it's place. If we ever want to learn the mysteries of the universe or someday find a cure for cancer, those answers will likely be found by the children of today who are not conformist, but independent thinkers. If someone in the public school system encourages you to drug your kid into better behavior, please think twice before you go along. You might just have a very special person there who will do miraculous things when they grow up. Just because a teacher or principal wants you to take the spirit out of your child's life, please resist the urge to do so.

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