Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pros/Cons Of The Keystone Pipeline

When it comes to the construction of the Canada to South Texas pipeline called Keystone, conservatives love the idea while liberal hate it. Like so many issues facing the United States today, construction of the Keystone Pipeline through the heartland of America is a very political issue with red meat partisans lined up on both sides. So what are the pros and cons of building the Keystone Pipeline from Canada to the USA? On the pros side, it's no secret to anyone that gas prices are increasing these days simply because we are using fossil fuels faster than new sources are being discovered. The Keystone Pipeline would bring millions of gallons of crude oil to the United States where it would be processed into gasoline and other petroleum products. Canada has already told the United States, if this pipeline is not finished, they will simply transport their oil product to the west coast where it will be sent by ship to nations like China. The biggest thing on the pros side of finishing the Keystone Pipeline is that this petroleum will be refined much cleaner in the United States than it would be in China or some other country where concerns about the environment are not taken that seriously. So what are the cons of completing the Keystone Pipeline? The biggest con is that the production of more oil helps keep the price of fossil fuels low. Many people on the left believe the world will never discover and produce alternative fuels as long as fossil fuels like oil and coal remain repetitively cheap. To them, the huge thing on the cons side is that the Keystone Pipeline will increase the supply of crude oil and that in turn will help keep fossil fuels inexpensive. Another huge con is the potential that through accident or terrorism a section of the Keystone Pipeline might leak oil into some of the best farmland in the world. We all saw what happened in the Gulf of Mexico a few years ago when a deep oil drilling platform burned and then gushed millions of gallons of oil into the ocean for weeks.

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