Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pros/Cons Of New Georgia Gun Law

The United States is one mixed up place when it comes to different gun laws around the country. In the south, many state legislatures are passing new laws to make it easier for ordinary citizens to take their firearm with them when they leave their home. In northern states and on the east and west coasts, state legislatures are taking the exact opposite approach by limiting gun freedom. Right now, the United States of America is completely divided when it comes to the role guns play in violent crime and at some time in the future - it is going to become clear, if either extreme is right when it comes to gun control or more open carry reducing the rate of violent crime. So what are the pros and cons of a new law in Georgia that allows licensed gun owners to take their gun into places where they have never been allowed in modern times? On the pros side, there is a high likelihood there will be fewer mass shootings in public places – simply because someone with a firearm will be in those places and able to stop that crazy person before the death toll gets too high. Another thing on the pros side is that more people with guns will also stop crimes like carjacking in their tracks, because a criminal will not know if a driver is armed or not when they try to steal a vehicle. On the cons side, there is a good chance that not everyone who has been able to pass a background check and purchase a gun legally will be mentally stable enough to follow all the rules and regulations that go along with that privilege. Another thing on the cons side is the real potential that domestic violence could become more deadly as the numbers of available guns increase in homes throughout Georgia. There are many other pros and cons to the new Georgia gun law, but most of them are interchangeable from good to bad depending on your own point of view of guns in the first place. If you are a US citizen from the south, you likely support this new law. However, if you are from New York or Los Angeles you probably do not.

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Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

It occurs to me that this is a sectional and cultural issue, not an national one. So, all the more need to set aside the erroneous interpretation of the 2nd Amendment which was timely written to provide for defense against the British and offense against the Indians. Allow each state regulate ownership of guns. For myself, in my own community, the way I tell the difference between a bad man with a gun and a good man with a gun is that the good man has a badge.