Saturday, May 31, 2014

Jet Crash At Hanscom Air Force Base In Bedford Massachusetts Late Tonight

According to news reports from the scene, a Gulfstream IV private jet crashed on takeoff from Hanscom Air Force Base in Bedford, Massachusetts on Saturday night. According to police and airport officials there were 7-people listed as being on-board according to the flight manifest. Witnesses said the plane burst into flames upon impact with the ground. Few other details are available at this time.

Roane State Community College Student Roderick Drummond Died In Car Accident

22-year-old Roderick Drummond, a sophomore basketball player at Roane State Community College, was killed in a car wreck late Friday night. Drummond was was a passenger in a car driven by 20-year-old Darius Gallaher. According to Tennessee State Police, Gallaher's car was hit by a train killing Drummond and 18-year-old Judah Gallaher. It appears that Gallaher failed to yield to the oncoming train and that is what lead to this fatal accident. Roderick Drummond was a star basketball player at Wade Hampton High School before his graduation in 2011.

Mark Rodriguez Shot/Killed By James Brown In Norfolk, Virginia

17-year-old Mark Rodriguez was shot and killed allegedly by James Brown as he was returning home from graduation on Friday night (May 30, 2014). Rodriguez was in his vehicle when he was murdered. Funeral arrangements for Rodriguez have not been released at this time.

Can Veterans Administration Be Fixed?

There has been a bunch of negative news lately about the Veterans Administration (VA). Horrible stories about vets waiting months, if not longer, simply to get a doctors appointment in some cities. It's an outrage that our government not only has broken a promise to care for military personnel, but it's also criminal how some employees at the VA have enriched themselves by denying life saving medical treatment to soldiers – just so they could personally earn an unjustified bonus. I have my doubts as to whether or not the VA can be saved, at least when it comes to the part of that agency that provides medical care. The whole system is broken and I doubt there is a single politician in Washington who would put their own butt on the line to do what needs to be done to fix these problems. That is why I believe VA hospitals should be shut-down and replaced by free medical insurance for retired members of the military who have earned free health-care as a condition of their service. Enough is enough and the time has come for political leaders to give up their control over veterans health-care and do the right thing and let them find their own doctors and hospitals without anymore government interference.

If You Like VA Hospitals, You'll Love Obamacare

Almost no one likes the way US veterans are being treated at VA hospitals these days, but few folks are really taking the time to see that their own health care could look more like the VA of tday – once the Affordable Care Act goes into full effect down the road. I'm not a liberal basher, in fact I don't like many of the ideas put forward by conservatives, either. That said, the whole idea of the US government becoming more involved in the day in and day out managing of all Americans health care should scare the living daylights out of all of us. The worst thing about the VA hospital crisis is that many of the worst offenders accused of cooking the books at VA medical centers around the country cannot be fired, because they are protected by a type of federal government civil service protection that makes removing them from their jobs extremely difficult. Just imagine, if this practice is expanded to all hospitals in the future? I really hate to think about that happening, but now is the time to start asking some hard questions about this whole Obamacare law – because no one wants to be treated as poorly as retired members of the US military are by the VA, today.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Pros/Cons Of Mesothelioma Lawsuits

No one hates cancer more than I do and either rightly or wrongly one of the most widely known types of cancer these days is Mesothelioma. For decades, in the United States, asbestos was used in almost every type of building imaginable. Before doctors linked asbestos exposure to Mesothelioma cancer, it was believe that asbestos was one of the best fire prevention discoveries of all time. For many years, thousands of workers in the construction business went about their work installing asbestos into buildings without a single thought that what they were really doing was planting Mesothelioma cancer into their lungs where it would someday make them sick and eventually lead to their deaths. Now days, hundreds of law firms are advertising to find people who were exposed to asbestos and later received a cancer diagnosis. What are the pros and cons of all of these Mesothelioma lawsuits and are the billions of dollars being paid out to victims really helping them or the lawyers who represent them? On the pros side, it is now known that many top officials in large asbestos companies knew it was deadly – but they did not share that information with people who were constantly being exposed to it. Without some kind of financial or criminal accountability, it is highly likely that other companies in the future will also withhold life and death information from people, simply because their number one concern is making money. So what are the cons of all of these Mesothelioma lawsuits? Put simply, it was easy early on to find victims who were exposed to asbestos and later came down with Mesothelioma cancer. However, as time has gone by new types of TV commercials are now being aired, which in my opinion, encourage people who most likely did not get cancer from asbestos to file a claim anyway with a hope of a getting a big payday. It is very important that companies who deliberately harm people either through negligence or deliberate action be held to account for their actions. However, as long as there is money available in that fund to keep paying claims, there will be a few bad attorney's who will be looking to make some extra money by encouraging people, who are not real victims, to file a claim anyway.

Pros/Cons Of Closing VA Hospitals

After all the mess that has been reported recently about problems at VA hospitals around the country – some people are starting to ask, if it might be a better use of taxpayer money to close all VA hospitals and give veterans free health insurance, instead? What are the pros and cons of closing VA hospitals and replacing them with free health insurance for veterans? On the pros side, this idea would allow veterans to pick a hospital and doctor of their choosing, instead of being left in a huge bureaucracy where good medical care is not that easily obtained. On the cons side, offering free health insurance to veterans would likely cost the federal government more money and might be even more difficult to manage than the current system. Over the past week or two as I have watched how America's bravest have had to fight just to get a doctors appointment, I have wondered to myself, if what is happening at the VA right now is just a sampling of what all Americans will be going through with Obamacare in the future? I'm sure there are many more pros and cons of closing VA hospitals and offering health insurance to veterans instead, but it might be the right thing to do - considering what a mess the current VA hospital system is in at present.

Pros/Cons Of Firing Eric Shinseki

It's really sad that a good man, Eric Shinseki, will be fired in upcoming days simply because he was given an impossible job and no real power to see that job through to completion. What most people don't know is that Eric Shinseki is a retired general and that he did much good work while in uniform. So what are the pros and cons of President Obama firing Eric Shinseki? On the pros side, it is almost a requirement now that the Secretary of Veterans Affair be fired after it has been reveled that dozens of employees at the VA were denying medical care to veterans simply so they could enrich themselves with big bonuses. I take Shinseki at his word that he did not know this was going on from the beginning, but that in and of itself is the biggest reason on the pros side for him being fire. The buck has to stop at the top and since President Obama isn't going to resign, Shinseki must. The big thing on the cons side of Eric Shinseki being fired is that many in Washington will just start ignoring this problem again, once someone has been let go. It would be a terrible con, if President Obama fires Shinseki and then he and Members of Congress don't do anything else to fix this problem. Few things ever really get fixed in Washington D.C. anymore and these problems at the VA are huge. I really doubt many D.C. politicians have the stomach to do what really needs to be done.

Will Democrats Lose Big In November 2014?

Right now, things are not looking that good for Democrats as the November 2014 mid-term elections draw near. In a nutshell, many men and women who represent the party of President Obama will find themselves out of a job in about six-months time. In the beginning, most Americans liked President Obama – but that fact has been changing fast recently as revelations of a VA hospital scandal keep getting worse. It's difficult for me to understand how any President would sit by and make excuses of why the top man at the VA does not need to lose his job after all these recent revelations have been reveled. It is clear that President Obama does not like to fire anyone who works for him and while noble, that personality trait will eventually be he and his party's undoing when the next Election Day rolls around.

Pure Capitalism Just As Bad As Liberalism

Most folks consider themselves right of center in US politics and from my point-of-view that's a pretty healthy place to be. For decades now, extremist from the right and left have tried to control the vast majority of people with their ridged views of what will make the United States of America, better. In the past couple of decades the Republican Party has preached free markets and deregulation to a willing audience of Americans that do not like social programs for people who will not work. While capitalism is better than liberalism, pure capitalism is flat out horrible. Last night, I watched a movie on Netflix about a few men and women at Enron who used pure capitalism techniques to ripoff millions of people and shareholders at their own company. In the end, the whole Enron bubble burst – but what started it in motion to begin with was GOP lawmakers creating an atmosphere where it was easy to ripoff American investors and citizens, while allowing a very few people to become mega rich. Where the Republicans are going wrong is with their insistence that business not be subjected to regulation. Without those laws and rules, the super smart and super rich will be like wolves in a country filled with sheep.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pros/Cons Of Steve Ballmer Buying LA Clippers

News leaked out late today that former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had made an offer to buy the LA Clippers for $2 billion. What are the pros and cons of this deal and will it ultimately be a winner deal for both the NBA and Ballmer? On the pros side, it's clear that this alleged deal will help put an end to the Donald Sterling fiasco that has made all NBA owners look bad. Another huge thing on the pros side is the massive selling price of $2 billion. Many people who value NBA franchises never thought the LA Clippers would sell for $1 billion, much less two. Nearly all of the cons of this proposed deal fall at the feet of Steve Ballmer. It's clear that he is willing to pay a much higher price for the Clippers than anyone else around would. In fact, I believe he is buying the team at more than twice what it is worth. While it's possible that Steve Ballmer will never recover his purchase price when and if he decides to sell the team in the future - it's also a fact that Mr. Ballmer can more than afford to write a $2 billion check and never miss that money.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Reina As-Salaam, Tri-Cities High School Student, Killed In Kennesaw Hit & Run

15-year-old Reina As-Salaam died on Sunday after a reckless driver drove a vehicle onto the sidewalk she was walking on and killed her. The driver of the car, 27-year-old Tansu Kanlica, was charged with hit-and-run and homicide by vehicle. 16-year-old Juliana Ferrell and 16-year-old Monica Epps, students at Sprayberry High School, were injured - but they are expected to survive. Funeral arrangements for Salaam have not been released at this time.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Mainstream Media Pushing For More Gun Control Laws, Again

It didn't take long for gun control advocates in the mainstream media to start pushing for stronger laws to be passed in Washington after the mass shootings in California a few days ago. Early Monday morning I visited the CBS News website and found a huge banner headline asking, if Congress will revisit gun control legislation after this latest tragedy. There are huge differences of opinion when it comes to gun control legislation between U.S. citizens who live on the East and West coast and folks like me who live in the center of the country. Why is it that some liberals in the media never miss an opportunity to push for more gun control, even before the victims have been buried? The automobile kills thousands of people per year, but no one is asking that they be banned or controlled. Of course crazy people should not be allowed to legally buy any type of gun, but that's not what some lawmakers are trying to accomplish with modern day firearm restrictions. I just wish those families in California would be allowed to grieve in peace for at least a little while – before partisans in the mainstream news media try to enact more gun control legislation by using the blood of freshly killed victims.

William Raymond Killed In Watervliet Township Motorcycle Crash

54-year-old William Raymond, of Watervliet, lost his life on Saturday afternoon when the motorcycle he was driving collided with another vehicle. The accident occurred around 2:30pm on Red Arrow Highway. Raymond was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time after arrival. William's daughter, 20-year-old Arica Raymond, was riding with her father at the time of the wreck – but her injuries were not life-threatening. Funeral arrangement for William Raymond are pending.

Why Did Obama Visit Afghanistan During VA Hospital Crisis?

Like many other people, I was shocked when I woke up Sunday morning to news coverage of President Obama's visit to U.S. troops in Afghanistan. While I think it is always a good idea for a President to visit our soldiers in the field, the first thing that came to my mind was why is he visiting our troops right now – when the VA is in the middle of a crisis when it comes to timely treating those same soldiers when they return home? I try not to get too jaded when it comes of politics, but what we all witnessed on Sunday seemed like nothing more than a political move to reduce media attention off the growing VA scandal – which is making President Obama look bad. I am not just another Republican looking for a way to put down President Obama, but a person who voted for the man when he ran for President. Watching how President Obama has handled this growing VA hospital mess has changed my thinking about him as the commander-in-chief of our armed forces. What President Obama should do is walk the walk and stop talking the talk when it comes to taking care of soldiers both active and retired. Please, Mr. President – when you get back home, find those responsible for personally profiting at the expense of U.S. soldiers and not only fire them – but, if possible, charge them with criminal conduct - as well.

Elliot Rodger Proves Mental Illness Still Not High Priority In United States

While extremist continue to demand more or less gun control after Elliot Rodger goes on a murderous rampage in California, most people are rightly concerned about the lack of mental health treatment in the United States. Sadly, in America, the government is control by extremist who never seem to get the right balance when it comes to treating mental illness. I am old enough to remember the 1960's when it was easy to have someone committed to a mental hospital, even if they were not really sick. Then the movie “One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest” was release and laws everywhere were radically changed so almost no one could be confined to a mental hospital - unless it was their decision. It was wrong 40-years-ago to wrongly confine healthy people to mental hospitals simply because they were different. However, it is just as wrong to put innocent members of society in harms ways - because really sick people like Rodger are not taken off the streets. The United States of America really needs some moderate leaders who will work to find a common middle ground on this issue that will work.

George Chen, Cheng Yuan Hong, Weihan Wang Killed In Santa Barbara Shootings

Three of the names of shooting victims from Isla Vista, California were released over the weekend. All there were students at UC Santa Barbara. 19-year-old George Chen, 20-year-old Cheng Yuan Hong and 20-year-old Weihan Wang all lost their lives when Elliot Rodger took out his frustrations of life on innocent bystanders as they went about their business. Funeral services for the three have not been released at this time.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Thomas Young Killed In Greene County ATV Crash

17-year-old Thomas Young died on Sunday after wrecking an ATV he was driving. The accident occurred on Bell Run Road near Spraggs in Wayne Township around 2:30pm. Police said Young was riding his ATV illegally on a highway. Funeral arrangements have not made released at this time.

Jasson Sencion Killed, Twin Brother Bryam Injured In Orlando Crash

18-year-old Jasson Mancebo Sencion was killed and his twin brother Bryam was seriously injured in an early Sunday morning accident in Orlando, Florida. The wreck occurred on East Orange Lake Blvd. around 1:30am. For an unknown reason, a car being driven by Bryam left the roadway and ran into a tree. Bryam is being treated at Orlando Regional Medical Center. Funeral services for Jasson Sencion are pending at this time.

Christian Sierra Suicide By Cop Death In Purcellville Virginia

17-year-old Christian Alberto Sierra was shot and killed by a Purcellvile policeman this weekend when he attempted to stab the officer by lunging at him with a knife. The officer had responded to a home on Frazer Drive near Leesburg after a caller to 911 told dispatchers that a teen, at that address, was threatening suicide. Funeral arrangements for Christian Sierra have not been finalized at this time.

Adrian Holt, A Seaford Delaware Teen, Killed In Car Crash

18-year-old Adrian Holt died early Saturday morning when the Jeep Cherokee he was drving rolled over several times. The wreck occurred on Sussex Highway near Bethel Concord Road. Police said that Holt was not properly restrained (no seatbelt). Doctors at Christiana Hospital Trauma Center tried to save Holt's life, but they were unsuccessful. Funeral arrangements for Adrian Holt are pending.

Juan Meza Killed In Hartford Michigan Car Crash

22-year-old Juan Carlos Meza Jr. from Dowagiac, Michigan died in an automobile accident on Saturday morning. The wreck occurred on 63rd Street near I-94. For some unknown reason, the car Meza was driving left the roadway and hit a tree. After the collision his car, a Dodge Avenger, caught fire. Funeral arrangement for Meza are pending at this time.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Funeral Monday For Marcos Guillen Killed In Colorado Fall

16-year-old Marcos Alejandro Camacho Guillen died on May 20th after accidentally falling from a 100-foot cliff in Colorado. He was climbing at the time. Police believe this was just a tragic accident. Guillen died at Colorado National Monument near Grand Junction. Funeral services for Marcos have been scheduled for Monday.

Obama Treating Cabinet Like Tenured Professors

I've been scratching my head for years now trying to understand why President Obama does not fire high ranking members of his cabinet when they clearly are doing or have done a bad job. The most recent example of this is VA Secretary Eric Shinseki. Everyone who works in the Obama administration does so at the pleasure of the President and should be prepared to resign and leave office at his request. However, whether it is high ranking officials at Health and Human Services, VA or at the IRS – no one seems to be leaving their powerful positions, even when they screw up royally. President Obama is the most liberal U.S. leader in my lifetime and he comes from a background where life is seen through the eyes of academia. I am beginning to wonder if President Obama and other high ranking officials in his administration view their jobs as tenured, which means they can make huge mistakes and remain employed?

Frederick Brand, Nicole Washington, Megan Brown, Killed In Skagit County Car Crash

65-year-old Frederick Brand, 23-year-old Nicole A. Washington and 21-year-old Megan L. Brown all died in a two car head-on collision in Sedro-Woolley on Friday. The accident occurred on Highway 20 around 5am. 19-year-old Alfredo Navarro Jr., and 22-year-old Quinnton A. Washington were injured. They were taken by helicopter to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, Washington. Funeral arrangement have not been released at this time.

Hunter Cronin Killed In Clifton Park Car Crash

18-year-old Hunter Cronin, a senior at Shenendehowa High School, died in a motor vehicle accident on Thursday. According to police, Cronin was on his way to school when he wrecked his car on Wood Road. It is believed that Cronin was speeding at the time of the accident. He was set to graduate from high school on June 26th. Funeral arrangement are pending.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Alyssa Funke Commits Suicide On St. Paul Minnesota Lake

19-year-old Alyssa Funke, a student at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, took her own life recently after being bullied by friends on Facebook and Twitter. For some reason, Funke thought it would be fun to audition for a porn film and afterward her friends and classmates took to social media to ridicule and criticize her choice. I guess the bullying became too much for Funke, so she went out on St. Paul Lake and killed herself with a shotgun.

Chet Edwards Next VA Secretary?

President Obama should reach out to former Congressman Chet Edwards and nominate him to be the next Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Current VA Secretary Eric K. Shinseki has come under fire recently over a scandal that delayed much needed medical care to hundreds of our nations bravest warriors. Chet Edwards is a former Congressman from Central Texas who was defeated several years ago after congressional districts were redrawn to favor Republican candidates in the Lone Star State. Until that was done, Congressman Edwards was one of the most senior leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives. Chet Edwards always looked out for veterans when he served in Congress and he was also considered back in 2008 as President Obama's first Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Hopefully, the President will consider former Congressman Edwards as a replacement for Secretary Shinseki when he is forced to step down in the near future. I have no idea what Congressman Edwards has been up to since leaving office, but he would be a great Secretary of Veterans Affairs – if President Obama asked him to re-enter public service.

Justin Hoskins Arrested In Phoenix Arizona After Child's Death

16-year-old Justin Hoskins, a teenager from Phoenix, was arrested this week after a child died while in his care as a babysitter. Hoskins has been charged as an adult in this case. Police believe that Hoskins fatally injured 5-year-old Ian Blair when he refused to go stand in a corner when told to do so. Later, when Blair's parents returned home from work – they found Ian in bed covered with throw-up and urine. They then rushed him to a hospital where he was pronounced dead, later. Funeral services for Ian Blair are pending.

Noah Ramon Killed In Kentucky Car Crash

19-year-old Noah Ramon, from Kentucky, died in a two-vehicle wreck on Wednesday night. The accident occurred on US Highway 42 in Union. After losing control, Ramon's vehicle crossed the center-line and slammed into another driven by 34-year-old Arnulfo Espinoza-Romero. Ramon's vehicle then veered into a tree and burst into flames. Funeral services for Noah Ramon have not been set at this time.

Jesse Sistrunk Killed In Pocatello Idaho Motorbike Accident

14-year-old Jesse Sistrunk, from Pocatello, died last night in a motorbike crash in Blackrock Canyon. The accident occurred around 7pm. Police said that Sistrunk lost control of his Honda bike and crashed into an ATV driven by Sharon Beyler from American Falls. Sistrunk was pronounced dead at the scene. Funeral arrangements are pending.

Mark Robertson Run Over & Killed In Panama City Beach

17-year-old Mark Garrard Robertson, from Louisiana, died around midnight yesterday when he was struck by an SUV driver in Panama City Beach. The incident occurred while he was walking back to his room at the Boardwalk Beach Resort. According to police - Robertson was walking on a sidewalk when the driver of an SUV, Lee Creary, drove onto the walkway and hit him. Charges are pending against Creary. Funeral arrangements for Mark Robertson are pending.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Whitney Chipps From West Virginia Killed In Car Crash

19-year-old Whitney Chipps died in a motor vehicle accident in Robinstown Township, Pennsylvania on Thursday. Chipps' hometown was New Cumberland. Few details are available at this time, but it is known that two cars were involved in this fatal head-on collision. Funeral arrangement for Whitney Chipps are pending at this time.

Suicide By Train - Teen Dies In Mokena Illinois?

A still publicly unidentified 17-year-old teenager in Mokena, Illinois died last night after being hit by a train. Police believe it is likely this young woman died as the result of a suicide. The train was the Rock Island Number 529. Passengers aboard were transferred to another train after this incident.

NFL Players Are Modern Day Gladiators

Stories are starting to leak out about more NFL players who were drugged with painkillers before games and who now are paying a huge price with health problems later in life. Not long ago, I watched the movie Gladiator again on NetFlix and thought to myself that even though the NFL is more civilized than ancient Rome, it's still a human thirst for violence that has made the National Football League the most popular sport in the United States. Don't get me wrong, I love the NFL and my favorite team the Dallas Cowboys. However, there is something dead wrong about NFL teams, coaches and trainers pushing players to pop all types of pain pills just so they can walk out on the field and suffer even more injuries. Are NFL players the modern day equivalent of Roman Gladiators? They might just be.

Too Many Teens Killed By Trains

No matter what the reason, it's always a tragedy when teenagers are killed simply because they mistakenly believe they are bullet proof and can't be harmed. In years past, I have watched in horror as some teens race their cars and motorcycles at excess speeds with huge smiles on the faces as they try to cheat death at every turn. In recent months, there has been a rash of deaths when teenagers have been hit by trains. Most of the time, these kids are killed simply because they are not paying attention while listening to music on iPods or cell phones - then they are hit from behind and killed instantly. For some reason most of these accidents are taking place in California and Texas. I wish there was a solution to this problem. However, teenagers always believe bad things only happen to other people – so these sad and tragic deaths are likely to continue.

Outrage No One Has Been Fired At VA

Come on, President Obama. What's with the news conference Wednesday where you showed outrage that some U.S. military veterans have died waiting for care at several VA hospitals and still you have not held a single person accountable for this injustice? Frankly, I'm concerned that your administration is asleep at the wheel when it comes to punishing the VA secretary and others further down the food chain when it comes to this issue. I hope the reason why you are not kicking some butt on this issue isn't because the VA is the poster child of government run health care and you don't want the American people to see what's in store for all of us when the Affordable Care Act goes into full effect a few years down the road. Mr. President, it's time someone in your administration is held accountable for cooking the books and slowing down needed healthcare for veterans. You need to find those responsible and start firing them immediately - in order to show an example of what will happen when government rules are broken.

Levone Movsisyan Killed In Las Vegas Car Crash

19-year-old Levone Movsisyan has died from injuries he suffered in a car wreck on Tuesday night near Las Vegas. The accident occurred around 7pm near Grand Canyon Dr. and Twain Ave. There were two vehicles involved in this wreck. Movsisyan was the driver of one of the cars and was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the other car was seriously injured and transported to University Medical Center for treatment. Funeral arrangement for Levone Movsisyan are still pending.

Cheyanne Black Killed In Portland Oregon Car Crash

19-year-old Cheyanne Lyne Black lost her life in a motor vehicle accident in Portland, Oregon on Wednesday morning. Police said Black's car ran off the road on I-205 and hit a tree. Morning rush hour saw huge delays because of this tragic accident. It is not known at this time what caused this accident. Police are asking the public for help, if they saw Black last night or early this morning. Funeral arrangement for Cheyanne Black are pending at this time.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Weston Pierce Salisbury Killed In Truck Crash Near Concord North Carolina

19-year-old Weston Pierce Salisbury died yesterday after the pickup truck he was riding in crash near Concord, North Carolina. The pickup was being driven by 25-year-old David Andrew Burleson of China Grove. The accident occurred around 3:30pm on Tuesday on I-85 near Exit 13. Burleson was driving a Chevy Silverado and suffered only minor injuries in the wreck. Salisbury and Burleson worked together in the construction business and were on their way home from work when this accident happened.

Sha Lynn Shoyo Killed In Fort Hall Idaho Car Crash

18-year-old Sha Lynn Shoyo died last night in a motor vehicle accident near Fort Hall, Idaho. The wreck occurred at the intersection of Siler and Edmo Roads. Police reported they received a call late Tuesday evening of a reckless driver in the area and then a short time later they were called again with information about a car crash. Shoyo was ejected from the vehicle and was pronounced dead at the scene. Funeral arrangement for Sh Lynn Shoyo have not been released at this time.

Brittney Silva Killed By Train In San Leandro California

18-year-old Brittney Silva died on Monday when she was hit by a train. Friends and family said that Silva often enjoyed walking on the railroad tracks to clear her mind. Sadly, it was a train on those same tracks that ended Silva's life. Family members told police they warned Silva many times to please leave one ear open when listening to music so she could hear approaching trains. Apparently however, she did not heed their warnings. Silva was a senior at San Leandro High School. Funeral arrangements are still pending.

Zachary Bish Killed In Noblesville Indiana Car Crash

19-year-old Zachary Bish lost his life on Tuesday in a two vehicle auto accident in Nobleville, Indiana. The wreck occurred around 8:30am at Little Chicago Road and Buttonwood Dr. Police believe Bish, who was driving a Chevy Monte Carlo, drove in front of a Chevrolet van causing the collision. Bish was transported to Riverview Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The driver of the van, 65-year-old David Millis, only suffered minor injuries. Funeral arrangements for Zachary Bish are still pending.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Eric Weinisch Killed In Florence Township New Jersey Accident

Florence Township NJ resident, Eric Weinisch, lost his life in an automobile crash in South New Jersey on Monday. According to police, the wreck occurred around 6am on I-295 near Route 541. Weinisch was a resident of Voorhees, New Jersey. For a still unknown reason, Weinisch lost control of the vehicle he was driving and crashed into several trees. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Pancreatic Cancer Number 2 Killer, Soon

There was some bad news released yesterday about a terrible form of cancer. Millions of Americans already know far too well how deadly pancreatic cancer has become in the world today, but it was reported recently that by 2030 pancreatic cancer will become #2 on the list of most deadly forms of cancer. Why pancreatic cancer is still so deadly is an open question. For many years, doctors have known that a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer turns out to be a death sentence for the vast majority of patients with the disease. However, few new promising treatments have been developed to battle this horrible disease. My own father died from pancreatic cancer back in 2001. From first hand experience, I saw how this form of cancer can take a life within six months time and leave nothing but a hollowed out shell when the body finally gives out. I have often wondered, if increasing levels of blood sugar in the American diet have anything to do with this increase in pancreatic cancer cases? Everyone should pray daily for a cure, so pancreatic cancer will not make it to the #2 position in the lifetimes of most of us.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Karen Schwartz Killed In Augusta Maine Car Crash

21-year-old Karen Schwartz was killed in a car crash on Sunday in Augusta Maine. The accident occurred on Route 17 in the wee hours of the morning. According to police, Schwartz lost control of the car she was driving, left the roadway and struck a tree. 26-year-old Kasey Toothaker was a passenger in the car and was critically injured. She was taken to Maine Medical Center where she is listed in critical condition. The time and place of Karen Schwartz funeral is not known at this time.

Paul Davidson, University Of Illinois Student, Killed In Motorcycle Crash

There was a terrible motorcycle accident on Friday night that claimed the life of a University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) student who was preparing to graduate, soon. 30-year-old Paul Davidson died when he was hit by a car around 8pm on Friday night. He had been celebrating with his father at a local barbecue restaurant when Paul said he needed to get his haircut and then promptly took off on his motorcycle. Sadly, Davidson didn't get far before a lady, driving a car, hit him while she was making a left hand turn. Davidson studied architecture at the school and was set to graduate this year.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

GOP Should Pick Better Battles Against Obama

At almost every turn, President Barack Obama has been able to win against his political foes in the Republican Party. At first, I could not understand how or why intelligent leaders in the GOP were out maneuvered at every turn by a President who favors issues most Americans do not approve of. I still do not totally understand why President Obama seems to always win when he battles Republicans, but I do believe some of the problem involves dysfunction within the GOP itself. In the past, big business interests always ruled the day within the Republican Party. Since big business had huge sums of money to donate to candidates, what they wanted usually carried the day. However, with the birth of the Tea Party – the politicians in the GOP no longer follow a simple business path, but instead there is a new and more powerful force at work within the party as a whole. To his credit, President Obama has masterfully used this internal division within the Republican Party to insulate himself from political pitfalls that would have brought down democratic Presidents in the past. The GOP needs to find one fight and stick with it when it comes to keeping President Obama in check. The most important issue facing the country today that outrages all voters is the terrible mismanagement at the VA. However, after watching Fox News Channel tonight – it appears many of the old GOP issues which have never worked against President Obama are still being tried, while a real issue of problems at the VA is being pursued as nothing more than just another item on a long list of reason why the GOP does not like the President.

Barney's Friend Miss Beazley Dies At 9

I must admit that I'm a big dog lover and when I heard the news recently that Miss Beazley, President and Laura Bush's dog had died, I was sad. There is so much mistrust of politicians in the world today and it gets so bad sometimes that the only good we can see in some of them is their love of a pet. Barney died a little over a year ago and while there is no proof that dogs understand the concept of death, I believe they do feel pain when a constant companion either human or canine passes away. As an early supporter of President Bush, I found myself trusting him less and less as his administration seemed to lose focus on everything but the war in Iraq. During those end days of the Bush administration, the only thing that made me happy coming out of the White House were the pictures and videos that were released around Christmas time featuring Barney and Miss Beazley.

Will California Chrome Win The Triple Crown?

It's always exciting when a horse takes the first two legs of the Triple Crown, because there is at least a hope a new legend in horse-racing will be born. Yesterday, the longest long-shot in history won the Preakness Stakes and in two weeks the world could have the first Triple Crown winner in decades. There are many problems in the world today, which means that people everywhere are looking for a little bit of good news to brighten their day. For over 100-years, Americans have looked to the race track for inspiration when times are bad and I expect the same thing will happen again in 2014. I have no clue whether or not California Chrome will have the endurance needed to withstand the extra distance to win it all at the Belmont Stakes, but I along with millions of other Americans will be watching on TV and betting their hard earned money that he will. I believe the time has come for another horse to enter the history books as a legendary champion and I really hope that California Chrome is that horse.