Friday, May 16, 2014

Barbara Walters Ends Ground Breaking Career

It's been a long time since TV news anchor Barbara Walters broke the glass ceiling in broadcast news, but even today she is still landing the important interviews that many her junior only dream about. There is something special in Walters' personality that drives her to always beat the competition and that is why she has been a role model for all people in the news media for many decades. Barbara Walters will be retiring soon and there is little doubt no one will be able to take her place. ABC News allowed Barbara Walters to shine bright back in the 1970's and afterward she repaid that favor many times over back to the network with her exclusive interviews. I for one will be sad to see Barbara Walters retire. The good news is, she won't really be retiring – but simply taking a break from the day in and day out pressures of running a regularly scheduled show on television.

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