Sunday, May 18, 2014

GOP Should Pick Better Battles Against Obama

At almost every turn, President Barack Obama has been able to win against his political foes in the Republican Party. At first, I could not understand how or why intelligent leaders in the GOP were out maneuvered at every turn by a President who favors issues most Americans do not approve of. I still do not totally understand why President Obama seems to always win when he battles Republicans, but I do believe some of the problem involves dysfunction within the GOP itself. In the past, big business interests always ruled the day within the Republican Party. Since big business had huge sums of money to donate to candidates, what they wanted usually carried the day. However, with the birth of the Tea Party – the politicians in the GOP no longer follow a simple business path, but instead there is a new and more powerful force at work within the party as a whole. To his credit, President Obama has masterfully used this internal division within the Republican Party to insulate himself from political pitfalls that would have brought down democratic Presidents in the past. The GOP needs to find one fight and stick with it when it comes to keeping President Obama in check. The most important issue facing the country today that outrages all voters is the terrible mismanagement at the VA. However, after watching Fox News Channel tonight – it appears many of the old GOP issues which have never worked against President Obama are still being tried, while a real issue of problems at the VA is being pursued as nothing more than just another item on a long list of reason why the GOP does not like the President.

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