Saturday, May 31, 2014

If You Like VA Hospitals, You'll Love Obamacare

Almost no one likes the way US veterans are being treated at VA hospitals these days, but few folks are really taking the time to see that their own health care could look more like the VA of tday – once the Affordable Care Act goes into full effect down the road. I'm not a liberal basher, in fact I don't like many of the ideas put forward by conservatives, either. That said, the whole idea of the US government becoming more involved in the day in and day out managing of all Americans health care should scare the living daylights out of all of us. The worst thing about the VA hospital crisis is that many of the worst offenders accused of cooking the books at VA medical centers around the country cannot be fired, because they are protected by a type of federal government civil service protection that makes removing them from their jobs extremely difficult. Just imagine, if this practice is expanded to all hospitals in the future? I really hate to think about that happening, but now is the time to start asking some hard questions about this whole Obamacare law – because no one wants to be treated as poorly as retired members of the US military are by the VA, today.

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