Thursday, May 15, 2014

Is Aaron Hernandez A Sociopath?

According to police, former NFL player Aaron Hernandez is responsible for several murders while he was an active professional football player. We have all heard of the current allegation against him, but now they have charged him with two other murders back in 2012. Is it possible that Aaron Hernandez is a sociopath? I'm not a doctor, so it's difficult to know if Hernandez has all the traits necessary to be labeled a sociopath. However, I'm sure with the best legal defense team money can buy working for him – there will be many types of theories floated to the media before he goes on trial. This whole Hernandez story has left me scratching my head in disbelief ever since it was first suggested that he murdered a person in or near his home. Here is a perfect example that money and fame do not buy a person happiness. It also proves that even a well dressed person who owns an expensive house in a nice neighborhood, might be just as likely to murder you as some bum looking guy on the street.

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