Monday, May 26, 2014

Mainstream Media Pushing For More Gun Control Laws, Again

It didn't take long for gun control advocates in the mainstream media to start pushing for stronger laws to be passed in Washington after the mass shootings in California a few days ago. Early Monday morning I visited the CBS News website and found a huge banner headline asking, if Congress will revisit gun control legislation after this latest tragedy. There are huge differences of opinion when it comes to gun control legislation between U.S. citizens who live on the East and West coast and folks like me who live in the center of the country. Why is it that some liberals in the media never miss an opportunity to push for more gun control, even before the victims have been buried? The automobile kills thousands of people per year, but no one is asking that they be banned or controlled. Of course crazy people should not be allowed to legally buy any type of gun, but that's not what some lawmakers are trying to accomplish with modern day firearm restrictions. I just wish those families in California would be allowed to grieve in peace for at least a little while – before partisans in the mainstream news media try to enact more gun control legislation by using the blood of freshly killed victims.

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