Saturday, May 17, 2014

Name Of Student Killed By Train In Fort Worth Released

There was a terrible accident on Thursday in Fort Worth, Texas when a young student was killed after he was struck by a train. Johnathan Martinez, from South Hills High School, lost his life when he was hit from behind by a train. There is much speculation as to why this accident occurred. At this time, it appears that Martinez was either listening to the headset on his cellphone or he dropped it and was hit by the train when he went to pick it up. In the end it really doesn't matter the exact circumstances, because another young person is dead who was walking too near active railroad tracks. It's really hard for we adults to understand why such a tragic accident occurred in the first place. The death of Martinez is only the latest in a string of high school students killed this year when they were not paying attention and got struck by a train. Adults need to remember that we were all young and fearless once too and it is only through the grace of God - that any of us actually survived to adulthood. Please pray for Johnathan's family and friends.

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