Saturday, May 24, 2014

Obama Treating Cabinet Like Tenured Professors

I've been scratching my head for years now trying to understand why President Obama does not fire high ranking members of his cabinet when they clearly are doing or have done a bad job. The most recent example of this is VA Secretary Eric Shinseki. Everyone who works in the Obama administration does so at the pleasure of the President and should be prepared to resign and leave office at his request. However, whether it is high ranking officials at Health and Human Services, VA or at the IRS – no one seems to be leaving their powerful positions, even when they screw up royally. President Obama is the most liberal U.S. leader in my lifetime and he comes from a background where life is seen through the eyes of academia. I am beginning to wonder if President Obama and other high ranking officials in his administration view their jobs as tenured, which means they can make huge mistakes and remain employed?

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