Thursday, May 01, 2014

Pros/Cons Of Benghazi Cover-Up Emails

The past 24 hours have not been good for President Obama and his administration over their handling of the Benghazi terrorist attacks in September of 2012. These new revelations have proven that high level officials inside the White House knew the attack that killed four Americans was not the result of a demonstration that got out-of-hand, but instead was a well planned attack by terrorists who wanted to hurt the United States. Many conservative Republicans have been beating this story to death ever since it happened during the final stages of the 2012 presidential election between Gov. Mitt Romney and President Obama. Many of those elected GOP leaders and pundits have focused on little else in what has been proven to be a futile effort to bring down President Obama. The sad truth is that if this story would have occurred at any other time, except during the height of a presidential election, there would have been greater scrutiny by the mainstream media. Instead, most of the media turned a blind eye to the truth of what happened in Benghazi and little if any harm came to President Obama as a result. What are the pros and cons of the release of this new email, pretty much proving that the White House knew the truth about Benghazi and covered it up, because it did not fit into their reelection strategy? On the pros side, the truth is always a good thing to get on the record. Even if no price was paid by President Obama in regards to his reelection in 2012, historians will place this information into the history books so future Americans will learn how important it is for the media to tell the truth, even when it involves something they would rather not cover or admit. Sometimes it takes a long time for truth and consequences to fully mature when it comes to political judgments. On the cons side, so much time has passed since Americans were killed in Benghazi - few in the mainstream media have the interest or the inclination to discuss the truth of what happened now. If truth is what everyone is searching for, Republicans could also learn a lesson from Benghazi as well. Whether in politics or real life it's always important to pick your fights or you will be fighting all the time. I believe the GOP picked the wrong fight in their constant talk about President Obama and his poor handling of the aftermath of Benghazi. History will not only judge President Obama on this issue, it will also judge the GOP as well.

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