Friday, May 30, 2014

Pros/Cons Of Firing Eric Shinseki

It's really sad that a good man, Eric Shinseki, will be fired in upcoming days simply because he was given an impossible job and no real power to see that job through to completion. What most people don't know is that Eric Shinseki is a retired general and that he did much good work while in uniform. So what are the pros and cons of President Obama firing Eric Shinseki? On the pros side, it is almost a requirement now that the Secretary of Veterans Affair be fired after it has been reveled that dozens of employees at the VA were denying medical care to veterans simply so they could enrich themselves with big bonuses. I take Shinseki at his word that he did not know this was going on from the beginning, but that in and of itself is the biggest reason on the pros side for him being fire. The buck has to stop at the top and since President Obama isn't going to resign, Shinseki must. The big thing on the cons side of Eric Shinseki being fired is that many in Washington will just start ignoring this problem again, once someone has been let go. It would be a terrible con, if President Obama fires Shinseki and then he and Members of Congress don't do anything else to fix this problem. Few things ever really get fixed in Washington D.C. anymore and these problems at the VA are huge. I really doubt many D.C. politicians have the stomach to do what really needs to be done.

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