Friday, May 02, 2014

Pros/Cons Of Jeb Bush For President

Rumors have been spreading on television for several weeks now that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is planning a run for President in 2016. He certainly has the name recognition for the campaign, but can he win the GOP nomination first? In the modern world, sadly, even Jeb Bush is not conservative enough for many on the far right. In so many ways the Republican Party has become dominated by a small group of purist who will turn on a friend at the first sign of trouble. While many in the mainstream media blame this change in the GOP on a money issue created by a few billionaires, the real reason is because millions of rank and file Republicans just got fed up with their leaders saying one thing when running for election and then doing the exact opposite once they take office. No candidate proves that more true than Gov. Jeb Bush. While there are many pros and cons of Bush seeking the GOP nomination for President in 2016, almost all of the good and bad reasons for running revolve around the changing base of the Republican Party as a whole. The pros of Jeb Bush running for President begin with the GOP needing a more centrist candidate in order to win back the White House in a couple years. Even more than than that, the GOP must find someone who will govern from the center, while at the same time not scaring the heck out of the far right wing. That is easier said than done. Another thing on the pros side of Jeb Bush running for President is his stand on immigration reform in the United States. While many conservatives will never agree that legalizing a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants is a good idea, if the GOP is to survive in the future – something must be done to progress this issue in a hurry. At present, the hard core base of the Republican Party is totally dominated by older white men. That is not a winning formula for the future, when a presidential candidate must be able to draw voters from a larger group of Americans. So, what are the cons of Jeb Bush running for President in 2016? The biggest thing on the cons side is something neither political party is focusing on at this time. That issue is the stand Gov. Jeb Bush took many years ago with Terri Schiavo. Schiavo was a brain dead young woman who Gov. Bush and his brother President George W. Bush took out of the hands of Florida courts by passing a federal law that applied to no one but this young woman. Many in the Republican Party, including myself, were shocked that a GOP that championed the idea of less government interference in our private lives - would take such a drastic step on an issue that should have been left to a family and the Florida state court system. This one issue changed me to the point that I no longer consider myself a Republican, but instead a moderate when it comes to politics. Another big issue on the cons side of Jeb Bush running for President is the history of his family name in public service. Many Republicans and Democrats are tired of the same family always showing up to run for the top job in the United States of America. Already Gov. Jeb Bush's father and brother have served as President and millions of Americans believe other qualified candidates should step forward to lead in the future. When it comes to raising the amount of money that is needed to wage a successful modern day campaign for President, Jeb Bush should not face any major problems on that front. The biggest thing standing in the way of Jeb Bush becoming the next President of the United States is not the general election, but instead surviving in tact from a bruising GOP primary in good enough shape to have a chance to win.

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