Friday, May 30, 2014

Pros/Cons Of Mesothelioma Lawsuits

No one hates cancer more than I do and either rightly or wrongly one of the most widely known types of cancer these days is Mesothelioma. For decades, in the United States, asbestos was used in almost every type of building imaginable. Before doctors linked asbestos exposure to Mesothelioma cancer, it was believe that asbestos was one of the best fire prevention discoveries of all time. For many years, thousands of workers in the construction business went about their work installing asbestos into buildings without a single thought that what they were really doing was planting Mesothelioma cancer into their lungs where it would someday make them sick and eventually lead to their deaths. Now days, hundreds of law firms are advertising to find people who were exposed to asbestos and later received a cancer diagnosis. What are the pros and cons of all of these Mesothelioma lawsuits and are the billions of dollars being paid out to victims really helping them or the lawyers who represent them? On the pros side, it is now known that many top officials in large asbestos companies knew it was deadly – but they did not share that information with people who were constantly being exposed to it. Without some kind of financial or criminal accountability, it is highly likely that other companies in the future will also withhold life and death information from people, simply because their number one concern is making money. So what are the cons of all of these Mesothelioma lawsuits? Put simply, it was easy early on to find victims who were exposed to asbestos and later came down with Mesothelioma cancer. However, as time has gone by new types of TV commercials are now being aired, which in my opinion, encourage people who most likely did not get cancer from asbestos to file a claim anyway with a hope of a getting a big payday. It is very important that companies who deliberately harm people either through negligence or deliberate action be held to account for their actions. However, as long as there is money available in that fund to keep paying claims, there will be a few bad attorney's who will be looking to make some extra money by encouraging people, who are not real victims, to file a claim anyway.

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