Sunday, May 04, 2014

Pros/Cons Of NetFlix Original Programming

Almost no one believed that an Internet based entertainment company could actually produce a television series with the same or better quality as something on cable or broadcast TV, but NetFlix has proven them wrong. I am referring to the outstanding series called 'House of Cards' starring Kevin Spacey.

Nothing on television today comes close to the writing, acting and production quality of 'House of Cards'. NetFlix poured over 100 million dollars into the first two seasons of this series and hired one of the biggest stars in Hollywood to carry the show.

I was a subscriber to NetFlix before 'House of Cards' and remain one of their 50-million plus loyal customers today. People have long complained about the lack of good entertainment programming on ABC, CBS and NBC. In recent years, all three of the U.S. broadcast networks have produced only a handful of new episodes of each show during a season. Meaning that very few original shows are produced each year.

What are the pros and cons of NetFlix original programming? On the pros side, NetFlix is giving the American people what they want to see and more importantly they are allowing viewers to watch an entire season of their original programming at their own pace. When NetFlix releases a new season of 'House of Cards', all eleven shows are available to watch at the same time.

Compared to broadcast television where new seasons of programming are released piecemeal, NetFlix is leading the way into a future where consumers make the decision of what and when they watch it on TV or on their computer or mobile device. Another huge thing on the pros side of NetFlix original programming is the small cost of the service.

At a price of $8 per month, NetFlix is affordable to almost anyone who wants to have free access to hundreds of movies, reruns of regular television shows and original programming. Unlike HBO and Showtime, a monthly subscription to basic cable is not required in order to watch NetFlix. For Americans who are of moderate means, a subscription to NetFlix makes a lot of financial sense.

On the cons side, NetFlix is changing the world of television in a way that might not be good for everyone. Billions of dollars have been invested into traditional media outlets like TV networks and stations not to mention billions more that have been spent on cable providers. At the current time, there are still many original shows that are broadcast over free television. However, that number will certainly drop as NetFlix continues to grow.

While there are competitors of NetFlix, most are not considered as popular and well funded. If NetFlix competitors continue to grow then there is nothing to worry about in the near future. However, if NetFlix begins using it's massive profits to buy out the competition, then monopolistic possibilities could be a major concern down the road.

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