Friday, May 30, 2014

Pure Capitalism Just As Bad As Liberalism

Most folks consider themselves right of center in US politics and from my point-of-view that's a pretty healthy place to be. For decades now, extremist from the right and left have tried to control the vast majority of people with their ridged views of what will make the United States of America, better. In the past couple of decades the Republican Party has preached free markets and deregulation to a willing audience of Americans that do not like social programs for people who will not work. While capitalism is better than liberalism, pure capitalism is flat out horrible. Last night, I watched a movie on Netflix about a few men and women at Enron who used pure capitalism techniques to ripoff millions of people and shareholders at their own company. In the end, the whole Enron bubble burst – but what started it in motion to begin with was GOP lawmakers creating an atmosphere where it was easy to ripoff American investors and citizens, while allowing a very few people to become mega rich. Where the Republicans are going wrong is with their insistence that business not be subjected to regulation. Without those laws and rules, the super smart and super rich will be like wolves in a country filled with sheep.

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