Friday, May 16, 2014

Want A Raise, Move To Switzerland, $25 Per Hour

Ever feel like you are not being paid what you deserve at work? If so, you might consider moving to Switzerland where there is a ballot initiative that will create the highest minimum wage in the world. If this measure passes, the lowest any worker in Switzerland could earn would be $25 per hour. The standard of living there is already one of the highest in the world. Of course, there are people in Switzerland who oppose this increase in wages. Many in the business community and some in the government claim a $25 per hour minimum wage will cause the nation to lose competitive advantage in a world of lower waged employees. When you compare this new $25 per hour minimum wage to the national $7.50 per hour paid in the United States, it seems like the difference between day and night. Time will tell if this new Switzerland minimum wage is passed and whether or not it has a plus or a negative effect on that nations economy.

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