Sunday, May 18, 2014

Will California Chrome Win The Triple Crown?

It's always exciting when a horse takes the first two legs of the Triple Crown, because there is at least a hope a new legend in horse-racing will be born. Yesterday, the longest long-shot in history won the Preakness Stakes and in two weeks the world could have the first Triple Crown winner in decades. There are many problems in the world today, which means that people everywhere are looking for a little bit of good news to brighten their day. For over 100-years, Americans have looked to the race track for inspiration when times are bad and I expect the same thing will happen again in 2014. I have no clue whether or not California Chrome will have the endurance needed to withstand the extra distance to win it all at the Belmont Stakes, but I along with millions of other Americans will be watching on TV and betting their hard earned money that he will. I believe the time has come for another horse to enter the history books as a legendary champion and I really hope that California Chrome is that horse.

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