Thursday, June 26, 2014

If You Can't Beat Him, File A Lawsuit

You probably have heard by now that Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives John Boehner plans to file a lawsuit against President Barack Obama alleging he has not faithfully executed laws that were passed by Congress. Some people may think this move brilliant, but I think it's really stupid. Even if the Speaker is successful at bringing and winning a lawsuit against a sitting President of the United States, who would decide, if he really was enforcing the laws correctly and what judge would have the power to sanction him? This lawsuit is, plain and simple, a political stunt designed to drum up conservative votes in November. What a waste of a court's time and taxpayer money. If the Congress is serious about stopping illegal activity by President Obama, then they should impeach him.


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Midland Street Shootings Lowell Mass

Something happened at a birthday party Wednesday night, which lead to the shooting of several people. The violence occurred in the Highlands neighborhood of Lowell, Mass. One of the shooting victims, a woman, was hit in the chest. Witnesses told police a party had been taking place there for most of Wednesday night. Around midnight, at least seven rapid-fire gunshots were heard coming from the house. Lowell police are asking the public for help in finding the person or persons responsible for this crime.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

IRS Broke The Law, Now What?

An archivist testifying before Congress this week said under oath that 'the IRS broke the law' when it did not notify his agency about computer crashes that allegedly destroyed emails. This whole IRS mess is really beginning to stink to high heaven and sadly most Americans and the mainstream media could care less. Many pundits on Fox News Channel and conservative talk radio do not understand why this story is being ignored. Could it be that most Americans and members of the media view this IRS story as purely a political witch hunt? Might be. However, what is at the root of the problem here is very serious and I believe a special prosecutor should be appointed to investigate this whole targeting issue. Another thing that is making many Americans choose to not be outraged by this story is the fact most folks do not think PACS should get tax exempt status in the first place. I have no problem with conservatives, liberals or any other group trying to persuade the American people to their way of thinking, but they should not be allowed to avoid taxes in the process. While Republicans continue to beat a dead horse with this IRS mess, the real story that most Americans are outraged about - the VA hospital scandal - is not getting the deserved coverage it should.


Watched World War Z On NetFlix

A few nights ago, I was excited to see that NetFlix had added a movie called 'World War Z' to it's lineup. I'm not a big fan of Zombie movies, but I decided to give it a look see since I have enjoyed watching Brad Pitt movies in the past. Well, I got about 15-minutes into the movie before I completely lost interest. I know many of you probably loved 'World War Z', but to me it seemed like a modern day version of 'Dawn of the Dead' from several decades ago. I know it's not fair to watch 15 to 20 minutes of a movie and make a snap judgement, so I will likely try to find the right time and mood to pick up where I left off. I sure do like that feature on NetFlix where you can stop watching a movie and even months later when you want to watch it again, the computer remembers exactly where you were when you stopped watching. I haven't looked yet to see if 'World War Z' made enough money to pay for it's likely high budget, but it wouldn't surprise me - if investors in the film did not have a huge payday.


Will Anything Really Change If GOP Takes Over Congress?

It appears that Republicans are poised to take over control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate in November when nationwide elections are held. This is a likelihood simply because President Barack Obama has lost favor with the American people and like other leaders before him, appears to have lost touch with the average citizen. The United States has been a two party nation since I was born back in the 1950's and even though many people and groups have tried to change that - nothing close to a successful third party has ever emerged. While there are sharp differences between Republicans and Democrats, for the most part they are interchangeable. The founding fathers were pretty wise when they wrote the U.S. Constitution, because they made it extremely difficult for one man or political party to become too powerful. The only real chance that real change will be coming our way after the November congressional elections would revolve around how many Libertarian Republicans are elected to office. Where things stand right now, I believe there is a growing number of voters who would consider voting for a Libertarian candidate - if that person is not too far out of the mainstream. There is an ever growing number of Republicans and Democrats who are looking for new ideas and it appears that they might start migrating to Libertarian ideas - if the right candidate(s) come along.


Mario Quinones, Clint Texas, Killed In Forklift Accident Monday

17-year-old Mario Quinones lost his life on Monday evening when he was run over by a forklift in Horizon City, Texas. This tragic accident occurred at a junkyard located in the 1300 block of Darrington. Deputies from the El Paso County Sheriff's office responded to an emergency called around 6:00pm. The driver of the forklift was not identified by police. It is unknown at this time, if Quinones was employed at the business or, if he was related to the forklift driver. No funeral plans have been announced at this time.


Ryan Mullens, Wiscasset High Student, Whitefield Maine, ATV Fatality

A sophomore at Wiscasset High School in Whitefield, Maine died on Monday when the ATV he was driving crashed into a car that was being driven by his friend. The parents of Mullens said he was a quiet young man who would give the shirt off his back to help another person. Police report that Mullens' was not wearing a helmet and was in violation of law since ATV's are forbidden on paved roadways in the State of Maine. It is believe that Mullens and his friend who was driving the car were headed back home after a fishing trip. His family told a local reporter that their son enjoyed risk taking and that personality trait must be hard for them to live with today. The family said they hope to find a fitting way to pay tribute to him when his funeral service is held.


VA Hospital Scandal Making Obama Look Really Bad

What is happening right now at the VA is nothing less than a full fledge scandal and President Barack Obama is the one person taking most of the blame. There have been problems at the VA for decades, but recent issues where thousands of retired members of the military were turned away from even getting an appointment makes this an all time new low. To the President's credit, he does appear to be concerned with what is happening at the VA. However, will that concern turn into real action that can been seen and felt by our brave retired soldiers? I really do believe President Obama has a good heart, but I also believe he is completely helpless when it comes to getting anything in the U.S. government running at an acceptable pace. It really worries me that in 10-years or so, all hospitals in the United States will be run the same way those at the VA are run in 2014. Honestly, if President Obama was not such a well liked leader – this issue might have lead to his removal from office already. There are so many problems with government control over anything and it's really sad that billions of dollars per year are being spent on everything - except funding the medical care all American service men and women have been promise, because of their service, by our government.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Danville High Student Austin Cook Killed While Walking To School

15-year-old Austin Cook was killed early this morning when he was hit by a car while walking to school. It is believe that Cook was on his way to lift weights when this tragic accident happened. The driver of the car, 36-year-old Jason Thayer, was not injured. Cook was involved in off-season weight training for football. Tennessee state troopers are in charge of investigating this death.


With Obama Falling Part, GOP Self-Destruction Can't Be Far Away

It's pretty clear to reasonable folks, that the Obama administration is completely falling apart right now. I've watched politics for decades and each time it appears that a President is in terrible shape with the American public, the other party somehow finds a way to get over confident and self-destruct. If you ask any political expert they will tell you that the GOP should clean house on Election Day, when November rolls around. When it comes to President Obama, his self-destruction was a long time coming, but once it got started – it moved at a rapid pace. Republicans have a definite pattern of self-destructing around social issues and ones involving women. President Obama can't seem to make a good decision about foreign policy or the military. Both Republicans and Democrats self-destruct politically, because they each are so dominated by extremist from both sides of the political spectrum. This November, the GOP should totally dominate congressional elections, but I doubt if they will. There is a bunch of time between now and November and with President Obama messing up so much at the present time, overconfidence will lead a few in the Republican Party to find some seemingly impossible way to shoot themselves in the foot - right before the American people vote.


Pickens High School Student Dakota Jacks Killed In Plane Crash

A young man from South Carolina lost his life last weekend in a tragic plane crash in Arizona. Dakota Jacks had just finished his ninth grade year at the school. Jacks was on-board a small plane flown by Charles Michael Trotter when it crashed just south of the Utah border. The plane left Page, Arizona after refueling on Friday afternoon and crash only a few minutes after it took off. Trotter and Jacks were good friends who both enjoyed flying in small aircraft. The plane's wreckage was discovered in the early afternoon on Sunday.


Monday, June 23, 2014

German Exchange Student Alexander Voigt Killed In Plane Crash

16-year-old Alexander Voigt, an exchange student from Germany, was killed in a plane crash in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota on Friday. According to news reports, Voigt was hosted in the United States by the town's mayor, Dave Kleis. The pilot of the plane, 60-year-old Scott Olson also died. According to police, the plane crashed into a house while the two were on a aerial tour of St. Cloud. The mayor said that Voigt wanted to take pictures of the town, before returning home to Germany.


Major Heart Problems Diagnosed In Hillary Clinton?

The website 'Drudge Report' has published an exclusive story this morning providing excerpts from a new book written by Edward Klein called 'Blood Feud'. In these book passages released by Drudge, it is speculated that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in poor health. In fact, she suffers from heart problems and even has a tendency to form blood clots according to the book. According to the author of 'Blood Feud', Hillary was so ill at one point when serving as Secretary of State – she collapsed in her office at the State Department. At her own insistence, she was not taken to a hospital to be checked out. However, later when former President Bill Clinton returned home and saw how serious her condition was – he convinced her to go to a New York hospital to be checked out. It's important to keep in mind that book authors usually have an agenda when they write books about current and former politicians – so I would wait until more of the media has a chance to check out these alleged medical problems, before believing they are absolute truth.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Illinois Teen Machaela Sherrod Killed In Saline County Wreck

An 18-year-old young woman lost her life on Sunday afternoon in a truck accident. Machaela A. Sherrod was driving a Ford F-150 pickup when for an unknown reason she left the roadway causing the truck to rollover. According to the Illinois State Police, Sherrod was not wearing a seatbelt and was ejected from the vehicle. She died at the scene. A passenger in the pickup, 22-year-old John A. Gould was seriously injured and was transported to a hospital in Evansville. The accident occurred on Tuller Road.


MIT Graduate Student Kaitlin Goldstein Killed In Fall

A 28-year-old graduate student from MIT fell to her death recently while working in India. Kaitlin R. Goldstein's had been missing for a week when her body was discovered Sunday at the foot of a tall cliff. It is believed her cause of death were the injuries she suffered after slipping and then falling down a 100-foot-cliff. Goldstein's hometown was Providence, Rhode Island. When she was first reported missing, her parents flew to India to help find her. Her field of study at MIT was architecture and building technology There is no word, at this time, when or if there will be a memorial service for Goldstein on the MIT campus.


America's Got Talent AGT On Sunday Night

In about an hour, one of my favorite TV shows, America's Got Talent, will be shown on NBC. When Howard Stern first joined the show, I admit to being reluctant as to whether or not he would be a plus or a minus. After a couple of years, I definitely believe he has added to the show – especially since he replaced Piers Morgan who I thought was terrible. Each year, AGT searches the United States looking for people who have talents that might otherwise not be discovered. My favorite year of AGT was the one when Kevin Skinner won the title, even though his career went nowhere after winning such a notable award. There have also been some contestants who were treated very bad by the judges, who I thought were very talented. Usually, those mistakes happen early on – before the public has the chance to start voting. Better close for now, because AGT is coming on TV in about 45 minutes. Enjoy the show, I know I will.


If Republicans Win Big In November, Will They Impeach President Obama?

Right now, it appears to most observers that Republicans will win big in November's congressional elections. In recent days, I have begun to wonder to myself – if the GOP takes over Congress in a big way, will they attempt to impeach the President in 2015? Frankly, the answer to that question depends entirely on whether most of the fall election winners are regular Republicans or Tea Party ones. There is a growing dislike of President Obama with most Americans, but that dislike has been more like a hatred among Tea Party voters from the beginning. Americans who consider themselves Tea Party supporters are the most conservative folks seen by any nation in generations. We must remember that just because the GOP is looking strong going into this November's elections, it has been proven time and time again that they are experts at finding ways to self-destruct at the last possible minute. That said, if the GOP does not self-destruct between now and Election Day – I consider it very likely they will attempt to impeach President Obama next year. The next question would naturally be, if Republicans try to impeach Obama – will they ultimately be successful in removing him from office? It's hard to see how impeaching President Obama would serve the long-term goals of the Republican Party, but that does not mean they would not try to accomplish it.


Hike Of The Week Author Karen Sykes Dies On Mount Rainier WA

Late last night, the daughter of Karen Sykes told a reporter that a body found Saturday evening on Mount Rainier was indeed that of her mother. Sykes, age 70, loved to write about hiking in the Seattle newspaper and on her personal blog. While this story is a tragedy, Sykes knew that what she was doing involved risk, but she would not let that danger stand in the way of her passion. It is not known at this time what caused her death, but more information will probably be released to the public later today.

Source: nbcnews

U.S. Border Overrun With Central American Children

There is a catastrophe happening on the U.S. / Mexico border right now and no one in Washington appears to have a clue on how to deal with the problem. Children, under the age of 18, by the thousands, are crossing the border and neither the U.S. government or the states involved have the resources to handle that many children coming to the United States who are unaccompanied by a parent or guardian. According to news reports, most of these children are making their way to the United States from Guatemala and other poor Central American countries. Many of the children who have been picked up by U.S. Border Patrol Agents claim they were told in their home country that amnesty would be granted to them, if they made it to the United States. In typical Washington fashion, Republicans are blaming President Obama for this problem – while Democrats are blaming conservative GOP lawmakers for not passing immigration reform. I've said it before and I will say it again, if the rule of law in the United States is not returned soon, this latest issue of young children crossing the U.S. border alone - will be the least of our problems.


Will The Old Tiger Woods Return To The PGA?

Next weekend, Tiger Woods will return to professional golf. Many people are now asking – if the old Tiger Woods will be returning to the game? It's been tough to watch this one time best golfer in the world struggle to put his golf game back together, again. Honestly, Tiger Woods has never regained his past glory since his wife divorced him after finding out he was cheating on her with several different women. Sometimes I wonder, if his ex-wife was his Delilah and Tiger Woods is just a modern day Samson? There is no doubt that between the reported half-a-billion dollars he paid to his ex-wife and his terrible win/loss record since the divorce, all of those affairs with other women have certainly cost Tiger Woods, dearly. While some may disagree, I hope that when Tiger Woods returns to the PGA Tour next week, the old Tiger who put fear into every other professional golfer returns. One thing is for sure, summer-time Sunday's are a lot more fun watching Tiger Woods win on the golf course, than when he is not there or playing poorly.


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Did Lanna Hamann's Red Bull Addiction Lead To Her Death?

Not long ago, I wrote about a young woman from Arizona who died while on vacation in Mexico. Her family and some friends now believe she died after consuming too many Red Bull drinks - while out in the hot summer sun. I don't drink them often, but there have been occasions when I have drank a Red Bull when no hot coffee was available. From my limited experience, I had no noticeable side effects from drinking Red Bull – but I did not drink one after another in the hot summer sun, either. While I feel terrible for Lanna Hamann's friends and family, they may be looking for someone other than themselves to blame for her senseless death. Even though Lanna was a teenager, she certainly knew the dangers of drinking too much caffeine while hanging out on a summer day. Most certainly her parents knew this was a danger, but there has been nothing I have seen reported in the news media to indicate they did anything to try and get her to stop drinking so many Red Bull drinks. I was a teenager a long, long time ago – but I still remember wanting to have a good time and too often just threw caution to the wind when it came to my personal safety. If there is a lesson in Lanna Hamann's tragic death, it will be learned by her peers who maybe will think twice the next time they don't use common sense – while out having a good time. May God have mercy on her family.

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Jeffery Allen Rose Killed In Friday Car Accident

A man from Belleville Michigan lost his life on Friday in a car wreck in Augusta Township. 35-year-old Jeffery Allen Rose died at the scene. Two vehicles were involved, a 2000 Cadillac Catera and a 2007 Jeep Liberty, both of which were traveling south on Rawsonville Road. Police did say that alcohol might have have played a role in the accident, but they did not say which driver they suspected. 54-year-old Ronald Wayne McDaniel of Elyria, Ohio was critically injured and was taken to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. Police are continuing their investigation into what happened.


I-70 Fatal Crash East Of Indianapolis Slows Traffic

There was a terrible traffic accident around noon today on Interstate 70 east of Indianapolis, Indiana. According to witnesses, traffic slowed to a standstill as emergency personnel and police converged on the scene. Allegedly, two adults were killed and a teenager was taken to a nearby hospital and is listed in critical condition. At this time, it is not known when traffic conditions will return to normal in Henry County, Indiana. The names of the dead and injured have not been released at this time.


UNC Student Harris Pharr Died On Thursday

It is not publicly known at this time what his cause of death was - but the University of North Carolina has announce that one of their students, Harris Pharr, has passed away. Pharr was a senior and a member of the Chi Phi Fraternity at the school. His hometown was Atlantic Beach, Florida. Before college, Pharr attended Needham B. Broughton High School in Raleigh. His major at UNC was biomedical engineering.


Xeljanz Grows Hair In Some Alopecia Areata Patients

Last night, I watched a neat story on CNN about how an arthritis drug, Xeljanz, was able to help a young man who suffers from alopecia areata grow a full head-of-hair. Doctors do not know yet – if Xeljanz will help the millions of men who already suffer from male-pattern-baldness, but the drug company who owns patent will likely conduct studies to find out soon - if it does. Alopecia areata is a condition that, many times, causes the hair of young victims to fall out. There are many side-effects of Xeljanz, so that definitely should cause some some people to think twice before taking this already U.S. FDA approved medication. That said, I expect retail sales of Xeljanz to go through the roof – if it is proven this medication honestly grows hair. For decades, millions of people have search for a daily pill that will grow hair and help them lose weight. It now appears that maybe one of those problems will be a thing of the past in the very near future.


Public Is Following The Government's Lawlessness Example

While the experts all claim that violent crime is on the decline, it's hard to sell those statistic to me. Everywhere, these days, there are huge numbers of people breaking the law and to make matters worse, most of them are getting away with it. There seems to be no accountability for actions anymore in the United States. We now have a culture where anything goes and under a system like that, some folks are going to let their bad side rule what they do. Recently - I have written about school shootings, bank robberies and other stuff like that. However, today I would like to call attention to the people who are really making the United States a more dangers place to live and work. Those folks are government employees and elected representatives in Washington D.C.. Almost everyday there is a new example of wrong doing by someone in government service. However, there never seems to be any punishment in our nation's Capitol to fit the crime. From the VA to the IRS, criminal behavior has been running wild in recent years – but no one has gone to jail yet or even been prosecuted for wrongdoing. I believe there is more non-violent crime in America today simply because folks back home are taking their cues from people in Washington. I don't care which political party is breaking the law. There should be equal justice for all, but right now there is NO justice at all for government wrongdoers and sadly that sickness is spreading from sea to shining sea.


Teen Shot & Killed After Answering Doorbell

17-year-old Adonus Deondre Turner, a teenager from Hampton, Virginia, was killed late Thursday night when someone shot him at his front door after ringing the doorbell. At this time, police do not have a suspect and they don't believe this was a random act of violence. The shooting occurred around 11:00PM in the 800 block of Downing Street. Turner was not at home alone, but no other people inside the house were injured. If you can help police find and arrest the person or persons responsible for this murder, please contact the local police department.


Dead NYC Teenager's Body Not Claimed

There are so many stories each day pertaining to teenager violence, it's easy to just start to ignore the problem with the mistaken hope it will go away. While reading a story published in the New York Times recently, I saw a sentence that just broke my heart. That sentence said 'as of Thursday, no one had claimed the body of a murdered teenager'. This story was all too familiar, two former friends got into a argument and rather than settling their dispute with a fist fight, one pull a gun on the other and killed him. While this type of story is not new, the very idea that any teenager in the United States of America could be murdered and more than 24 hours could pass without a family member stepping forward to claim his body is outrageous. If you ever sit alone at night and wonder why this country is not what it use to be, all you need to do is image - what if that teenager was someone you knew and nobody bothered to even recover his remains. This is such a heartbreaking story.


Why Is There So Much Gun Violence In Chicago?

People who live outside the Chicago metro area may not realize that teenagers are still killing each other everyday with handguns. Rather than this problem getting better, in many ways it is getting worse. Why is there so much gun violence in Chicago? The answer to that question is totally different depending on a politicians political ideology. Conservatives believe this problem was caused my liberal leaders like Mayor Rahm Emanuel who are soft on people who do not obey the law. Liberals believe the solution to that problem can be solved by more gun control laws. Of course - both sides are wrong, but when most of this country's leaders have such a narrow view when it comes to solutions - what is happening right now in Chicago will likely spread to other cities in the future. In my opinion, a lack of work ethic is at the heart of many of the problems in Chicago today. Many young people do not believe they have a chance to work their way up in the American system or they have just become lazy after years of government benefits that are handed out like candy in poor neighborhoods. I also think many of the teenagers committing these gun crimes in Chicago are just bored and with unlimited time on their hands, trouble isn't that hard to find.


Friday, June 20, 2014

Car Accident Claims The Life Of Kittatinny High School Student Lyndsay Barker

A young woman was killed in a car wreck this week near Newton, New Jersey. 17-year-old Lyndsay Barker, a student at Kittatinny High School, died from injuries she suffered when her car veered out-of-control on Route 94. The accident occurred around 3:30AM near Frelinghuysen Elementary School. According to police, Barker's vehicle struck a tree stump and burst into flames. She was ejected from the car and died at the scene. Funeral services for Barker are pending.


3-Vehicle Crash Kills Polaris School Student Kali Zimmerman On Thursday

17-year-old Kali Zimmerman, a student at Polaris Expeditionary Learning School , died in a 3-vehicle motor vehicle accident in Colorado near Greeley on Thursday. Zimmerman was to begin her senior year at the Fort Collins school in August. The wreck occurred around 2:30PM. A person in another vehicle was injured and was taken to the hospital. Memorial and funeral services for Zimmerman have not been finalized at this time. Kali Zimmerman was the chief-editor of the Polaris school yearbook.


All Or Nothing Immigration Battle Is Wrong

President Obama and conservative Republicans in Congress are on a collision course when it comes to writing new laws pertaining to immigration. The President wants to grant citizenship to most illegal immigrants – while GOP leaders what to send them back home and then go to the back-of-the-line before earning their citizenship. As is so often the case – the real solution is in the middle ground, but neither President Obama or congressional Republicans want to give ground to the other with an election coming up in November. Over the past couple of decades, cooperation in Washington has dropped to the point where it is almost invisible. Heck, Republicans and Democrats can't even agree on stuff they use to be united on – simply because supporting even the smallest thing the other party might want - could spell disaster on Election Day. So here we all are with a broken immigration system that no politician really wants to fix. It would take a miracle for a majority in Congress and President Obama to agree on anything – much less immigration reform - which is totally dead after last weeks defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Just More Of The Same From Kevin McCarthy?

Members of the GOP lead U.S. House of Representatives voted on Thursday to make Kevin McCarthy their new majority leader. It's difficult for me to understand the politics that went into that decision – but it's safe to say that even after voters sent Eric Cantor packing, the rank and file of elected Republicans in the House of Representatives are sticking to their own pecking order. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like most Members of Congress have a dislike for the voters who sent them to Washington. Sadly, I think many of them believe they are smarter than the average American and that is why they do crazy stuff like not listening to the voters back home. Someone told me the other day that they wished no Member of Congress could run for reelection. While that will never happen, it is possible for voters to develop their own term limits law by just refusing to vote for incumbents anymore. That's what the people in Eric Cantor's district did a few weeks ago and maybe they are onto something.

Source: foxnews

Kyle Carpenter's Story Of American Bravery

I just finished watching President Barack Obama present the 'Medal of Honor' to U.S. Marine Kyle Carpenter. At work, almost everyday, I watch as people get so angry over the smallest things – but their lives are oh so blessed compared to someone like Kyle Carpenter. While serving his country in Afghanistan, Kyle fell on a grenade and save the life of a fellow Marine. Most of us have seen old movies showing soldiers falling on a grenade to save a comrade, but Kyle Carpenter's act of unconditional love is real. He was badly injured and no one thought he would ultimately survive when he was first treated by medical personnel in Afghanistan. While I was watching Carpenter awarded this nation's highest honor today – my mind kept going back to all the petty stuff that consumes so much of our time each day. I wish there were more stories of heroes, like Kyle Carpenter, on television – because we all need to be reminded each and everyday how fortunate we are to live in the United States of America.


Dick Cheney Hurting Republicans With Iraqi Comments

Have you ever wished that someone would just go away? That's how I feel today about former Vice-President Dick Cheney. Yesterday, he and his daughter wrote an oped piece for the New York Times where they accused President Obama of causing the mess in Iraq. Considering how much of the American public feels about former VP Cheney, his comments both in the newspaper and later on television programs like Megan Kelly are hurting Republicans at the wrong time and in a bad way. While I supported former President George W. Bush in some of the things he did, I never was warm and fuzzy about Dick Cheney. It always seemed to me that former VP Cheney never saw a conflict he didn't want to send U.S. troops into. Now that he is out of office, he is trying to get President Obama to send a bunch of troops back into Iraq. It's is critical that Iraq not fall to ISIS, but committing tens of thousands of soldiers back into that country is no solution – either.


Terror In Iraq Causing Gas Prices To Soar

Just like in the past, every time there are problems in the Middle East – the price of crude oil and gasoline go up. A little over one week ago, a terrorist organization called ISIS marched across the Iraqi border with Syria and each time a town fell, the price of gas went up. While there is some justification to rising gas prices when parts of the Middle East become unstable – more times than not, I believe it is speculators in the oil and gas marketplace who are really to blame. Free markets are good – because when operated correctly, they keep the price consumers pay competitive. However, it has been proven time and time again that competition in the oil and gas business is usually not controlled by supply and demand issues – but instead by a few really rich people who know how to manipulate the price of oil and gasoline. The next time you pull into a gas station and notice the price has gone up – remember that little bit extra you are paying is probably going to some rich dude - who knows how to turn lemons into lemonade.


CNN's One Great Show 'The Lead' With Jake Tapper

For the most part, I stopped watching CNN years ago – simply because it's boring. While Fox News Channel appeals to conservatives and MSNBC is mostly liberal – CNN is one of the most boring channels on television. However, there is one really good show on CNN and that program is called 'The Lead' with Jake Tapper. Everyday at 3:00pm central time, I make it a point to watch Jake's show and I'm never disappointed. What I like best about 'The Lead' is the way Mr. Tapper goes after Republicans and Democrats with the same mistrust a really good reporter should. While Fox News Channel and MSNBC are not boring, the way they change their narratives based on political ideology is something I don't like. Neither conservatives or liberals are right all the time and that's why I like Jake Tapper's show so much. If a powerful Republican or even President Obama does something that is wrong or just hypocritical – Jake is quick to equally call them out. If you haven't watched 'The Lead' with Jake Tapper on CNN yet – give it a try.

Source: CNN

GOP Leaders Are Now Dovish On Iraq

Sometimes political partisans just make me sick. It wasn't that long ago when Republicans in Congress – like John McCain - were in 100% support of President Bush when it came to the War in Iraq. However, now that Obama is President – McCain and others are quick to tell him that no Americans should lose their lives to help stabilize that nation. While I have never thought Iraq was worth the price in American blood and treasure – once the decision was made to fight there, I was in complete support of our troops. Over 4000 American soldiers gave their lives to liberate Iraq from it's dictator and it would be a terrible shame for those men and women to have lost their lives for nothing. The main reason why President Obama and congressional leaders should be concerned about what's happening in Iraq right now has everything to do with what happened here on September 11th, 2001. This new terrorist organization called ISIS will certainly turn it's attention to the United States homeland – if allowed to grow and prosper in Iraq. It is most definitely in the interest of the United States to put this group of terrorists down – before they can attacks us at home.


Will The U.S. Economy Tank When Interest Rates Rise?

It's been years since interest rates have been allowed to rise and fall based on reality. That said, sooner or later the U.S. Federal Reserve will be forced to raise interest rates and many experts are concerned what that move will do to the economy and more importantly the stock market. While Wall Street use to be an important indicator as to the well being of the U.S. economy – that is not the case anymore. Most of the astronomical gains seen in the DOW and S&P 500 were artificially created by lower than normal interest rates. The U.S. housing market is a bubble that is just waiting to burst when the Federal Reserve raises the interest rate charged to potential home-buyers. Politicians are use to kicking the can down the road – so some future leaders are forced to deal with bad news. The biggest issue facing the Fed and other leaders in Washington is - will the U.S. economy crash when interest rates are allowed to increase based on market conditions? More than likely, much of the gains seen on Wall Street and in the housing market will disappear - once the decision is made to let interest rates go up.


Do Americans Really Want Hillary For President?

The ratings are in and if the American people really want Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States – they certainly are not tuning in to interviews about her new book. I have a gut feeling that not only are the American people tired of politicians with the last name of Bush, but they are also exhausted with the Clinton family name – as well. Between Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama – the world as we use to know it has changed and in the view of most people - that change is NOT for the better. In fact, I have not watched a single interview conducted with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and I don't plan to do so in the future. Not only are Americans not tuning in to watch Hillary promote her new book, they are not buying that book in huge numbers – either. When President Obama was first elected, millions of Americans from all political stripes were so eager to see what he could get accomplished as our nation's leader. However, now that the new has worn off of President Obama's popularity, could it be that the American people are not that interested in Hillary Clinton – either? Time will tell.


Will Dr. Oz Lose His Popular TV Show?

This week, the famous Dr. Oz was taken to the woodshed by some angry Senators when he was asked to testify before Congress. What angered Members of Congress the most was Dr. Oz's use of words like 'miracle weight loss pill' and other colorful language designed to get weight continence consumers to try products. I have watched Dr. Oz's daytime TV show before and have also wondered when someone was going to question him about all of those wonderful weight loss products he talks about on his program. While Dr. Oz is a successful doctor and surgeon, many times it appears that his advice on television is not the same as he would give to a patient in his office. More than likely, Dr. Oz is just saying things that media consultants have told him to - in order to keep the ratings high on his show. Some people are now asking - if Dr. Oz will lose his TV show after this weeks hearings on Capitol Hill? I doubt very seriously – if that will happen. While I agree that Dr. Oz should tone down some of his language when talking about miracle weight loss products and other questionable stuff – it was a bit laughable watching U.S. Senators get mad at him for not telling the whole truth to his millions of viewers on television. When it comes to telling lies to the American people, politicians have Dr. Oz beat - hands down.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Vitamin D Linked To A Longer Life

For years now, I have been taking a daily Vitamin D supplement – simply because cancer runs in my family and research has shown a decrease in some types of cancer when blood levels of Vitamin D are high. Then today, a new study was released – which shows that people who have high levels of Vitamin D in their bodies live a longer life than folks who have low levels. There is really no secret as to why Vitamin D should be supplemented in most people. Modern human beings do not get enough sun exposure and about the only why to increase Vitamin D levels, without taking a pill, is to take in direct sunlight several days per week. Of course, we have all been told for years to avoid direct sun exposure – because it will lead to skin cancer in some people. Right now, I am feeling pretty good about my decision to take a Vitamin D supplement everyday. Maybe you should consider doing the same thing?


Are Lois Lerner's IRS Emails Really Lost?

Sometimes I think politicians in Washington believe the American people are stupid. Why else would they try to make us believe that just because former IRS employee Lois Lerner's computer crashed, all the emails she sent and received were lost. The U.S. government and law enforcement from state and local agencies have been able to reconstruct emails from damaged computers for a long time now. Not to mention their ability to check email servers, which keep copies of email transmissions for a long time. It's pretty clear to anyone who is not a hardcore Obama supporter that what is going on here is nothing short of a cover-up. What I believe will happen next is more dragging of feet by Lerner and others at the IRS - until President Obama reaches the end of his term. At that point, I expect Lois Lerner and others to be pardoned by President Obama, which will prevent her from being prosecuted by a future U.S. Attorney General. Honestly, I believe the only reason why President Obama is acting this way is because President Bush's Attorney General abused his authority by not prosecuting many of the abuses that occurred on Wall Street from 2005-2007. That said, 'two wrongs don't make a right' and if someone does not get punished for illegal behavior in Washington, soon. The rule of law could fly out the window for good.


Teen Ashia Oliver, Age 18, Shot & Killed In Huntsville Alabama

A young woman, Ashia Raquel Oliver, found herself at the wrong place and time early Wednesday morning. Oliver was at a convenience store around 3am when gunshots rang out and took her life. Police are unsure what lead to the gunfire, but they do not believe those bullets were meant for her. This fatal shooting occurred at the Sunoco gas station located at 3421 Pulaski Pike in Huntsville. Oliver was a graduate of Lee High School. Witnesses gave police a description of a vehicle where the gunshots originated. They hope to make an arrest, soon.


Will Jeb Bush Run For President In 2016?

It is becoming less likely by the day that former Florida Governor Jeb Bush will seek the Republican nomination for President in 2016. While Bush is a conservative, the base of the Republican Party has moved from regular conservative to a far right movement where a guy like Jeb Bush is considered too moderate. I have never been a big fan of Jeb Bush. As I have said many times before, his position on the Terri Schiavo case ruined any support I could ever have for the man. Also, former Gov. Bush's position on immigration reform makes it almost impossible for him to win many critical GOP primaries on his way to the nomination. There are some people who are encouraging whoever the Republican nominee might be in 2016 to select Jeb Bush as their running mate. I also find that unlike. As Jeb Bush's mother said not too long ago, it's time for the Clinton and Bush families to do other things and stop running another family member for President.


Only Liberal Base Continues To Support Obama

New polls have been released this week that show President Obama's approval has dropped to an all time low level. In fact, if you look closely at some of these polls – only the most liberal of democrats now say that he is doing a good job. What happened to all those people who use to think President Obama was doing a good job? What happened to Obama is the exactly same thing that happened to President Bush as his term in office neared the end. Unfortunately, President's these days are extremely idealistic and in their final days as the leader of the free world that political ideology takes over and they begin to appear to the public exactly the way they are down deep inside. Both Bush and Obama ran and won two terms as President of the United States using a campaign of moderation. The truth is that neither man was a moderate, but instead both held extreme political beliefs. President George W. Bush was a bedrock conservative, while President Obama turned out to be the most liberal leader of the United States since FDR. If we want better leaders, the vast majority of Americans who really are moderate need to get involved in the primary process, so we are not left with the 'lessor of two evils' every four years in November.


Lanna Hamann, Age 16, Killed By Energy Drinks?

Recently, a young lady by the name of Lanna Hamann went on a trip to Mexico with the family of a friend. During her trip, she allegedly spent a great deal of time on the beach where she avoided water and only drank energy drinks. That night, Hamann passed away. Her mother now believes that energy drinks were her primary cause of death. Hamann was a student athlete who appeared to be an good health. Like in so many other cases, young people do not believe that bad things will happen to them. Surely, Hamann knew that it was dangerous to become dehydrated – but she made the choice to not drink water anyway. I feel so bad for her mother. No parent should outlive their child and when something this simply and stupid causes the death of a teenager, it's just too much to comprehend and understand.


What Ever Happened To Palcohol?

A few months ago, the U.S. news media was all abuzz about a new product called 'Palcohol', which is alcohol in a powdered form. I for one thought that idea of having alcohol in a form that was easy to mix with any type of beverage was a neat idea. Since that time - at least one state, New York, has decided to ban the future sale of Palcohol. It appears that lawmakers there are afraid it might find it's way into the hands of little children and lead to their deaths. While I agree that Palcohol should not be exposed to children, there are already so many dangerous things in every house in America that can harm children. What are we going to do, ban them all? There are always going to be Americans who choose to drink alcohol and the last time the government tried to keep folks from drinking, we all know how that turned out during prohibition. Hopefully, some compromise will be found so Palcohol can be sold to the American public.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Netflix Shows Are Better Than Major Network Offerings

I enjoy staying up late at night, but the biggest downside to that lifestyle is the lack of good programming available on ABC, NBC and CBS. About two years ago, I took a chance and subscribed to an Internet entertainment service called Netflix and I quickly got hooked on their movies and eventually on their original shows. Like millions of other people around the world, 'House of Cards” starring Kevin Spacey is my favorite show. All I can say is wow when it comes to the quality of that program and others Netflix is coming out with all the time. For all practical purposes, watching movies on DVD is dead – except for those red boxes in front of convenience and drugstores. The modern way to watch great programming is to pay $8 per month to Netflix and watch the shows you want at a time that is best for you. Last night, I watched a movie that I loved when it was released years ago. 'The Recruit' starring Al Pacino and Colin Ferrell was just as good last night as it was when I first saw it years ago. If you are one of the few folks who have not yet signed up for Netflix, please consider doing so. It's great!

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Teen Dylan Blair, Age 18, Killed In Hannibal NY Car Crash

18-year-old Dylan Blair, a teenager from Hannibal New York, lost his life late Tuesday afternoon in a traffic accident. The wreck occurred on Route 3. According to police, Blair was trying to pass a slower moving vehicle when his car hit another one head-on in the opposite lane of traffic. There were three passengers inside Blair's vehicle who were transported to a local hospital. Their injuries and those of the driver of the other vehicle involved are not considered life-threatening. The New York State Police are investigating this accident.