Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Are Lois Lerner's IRS Emails Really Lost?

Sometimes I think politicians in Washington believe the American people are stupid. Why else would they try to make us believe that just because former IRS employee Lois Lerner's computer crashed, all the emails she sent and received were lost. The U.S. government and law enforcement from state and local agencies have been able to reconstruct emails from damaged computers for a long time now. Not to mention their ability to check email servers, which keep copies of email transmissions for a long time. It's pretty clear to anyone who is not a hardcore Obama supporter that what is going on here is nothing short of a cover-up. What I believe will happen next is more dragging of feet by Lerner and others at the IRS - until President Obama reaches the end of his term. At that point, I expect Lois Lerner and others to be pardoned by President Obama, which will prevent her from being prosecuted by a future U.S. Attorney General. Honestly, I believe the only reason why President Obama is acting this way is because President Bush's Attorney General abused his authority by not prosecuting many of the abuses that occurred on Wall Street from 2005-2007. That said, 'two wrongs don't make a right' and if someone does not get punished for illegal behavior in Washington, soon. The rule of law could fly out the window for good.


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