Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Bowe & Father Bob Bergdahl Are Different From Most People

Without a doubt, Bowe Bergdahl and his father Bob are not what most folks would call normal Americans. In reality, it's really hard to know what a normal America looks like these days – but even so, these two seem to be really out there with their political beliefs. Right now, I'm not sure exactly what happened when Bowe left his post in Afghanistan and was taken prisoner by the Taliban, but there certainly needs to be an Army investigation into the circumstances of his disappearance. Many of his fellow soldiers died trying to find him, after he walked off from duty many years ago. Sadly, the only person the news media is able to interview right now is Bob Bergdahl and from what I have seen so far – he is not doing his son any favors with his statements and Twitter postings about wanting to free all prisoners from Gitmo. Frankly, I wish Bob would just shut-up and let his son speak for himself once he is back in the United States. Bowe deserves to have a chance to explain himself against charges he is a deserter and I am willing to wait until I can hear his explanation in the first person, before I decide if he is a hero or a traitor.

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