Saturday, June 07, 2014

Casey Kasem's Family Acting Like Others As Death Nears

As some people have watched Casey Kasem's family battling as his life fades away, they wonder why they are fighting so much with each other. The sad truth is that many families go through this same process when a loved one passes away. When you add to that issue children from a previous marriage, the situation gets even worse. In all families there are problems that fester under the surface sometimes for decades. Those issues seem to always bubble to the surface when a family member nears death. I believe there have been problems between Casey Kasem's new wife and his natural children for years. Now as he approaches death and is not able to be a peacemaker, all those old problems are starting to get out-of-control. Many family members just keep quite about stuff that has made them mad for years and that bottling up of emotion comes rushing out like champagne from a freshly uncorked bottle, as a parent or close family member begins the death process.

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