Thursday, June 19, 2014

CNN's One Great Show 'The Lead' With Jake Tapper

For the most part, I stopped watching CNN years ago – simply because it's boring. While Fox News Channel appeals to conservatives and MSNBC is mostly liberal – CNN is one of the most boring channels on television. However, there is one really good show on CNN and that program is called 'The Lead' with Jake Tapper. Everyday at 3:00pm central time, I make it a point to watch Jake's show and I'm never disappointed. What I like best about 'The Lead' is the way Mr. Tapper goes after Republicans and Democrats with the same mistrust a really good reporter should. While Fox News Channel and MSNBC are not boring, the way they change their narratives based on political ideology is something I don't like. Neither conservatives or liberals are right all the time and that's why I like Jake Tapper's show so much. If a powerful Republican or even President Obama does something that is wrong or just hypocritical – Jake is quick to equally call them out. If you haven't watched 'The Lead' with Jake Tapper on CNN yet – give it a try.

Source: CNN

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