Saturday, June 21, 2014

Dead NYC Teenager's Body Not Claimed

There are so many stories each day pertaining to teenager violence, it's easy to just start to ignore the problem with the mistaken hope it will go away. While reading a story published in the New York Times recently, I saw a sentence that just broke my heart. That sentence said 'as of Thursday, no one had claimed the body of a murdered teenager'. This story was all too familiar, two former friends got into a argument and rather than settling their dispute with a fist fight, one pull a gun on the other and killed him. While this type of story is not new, the very idea that any teenager in the United States of America could be murdered and more than 24 hours could pass without a family member stepping forward to claim his body is outrageous. If you ever sit alone at night and wonder why this country is not what it use to be, all you need to do is image - what if that teenager was someone you knew and nobody bothered to even recover his remains. This is such a heartbreaking story.


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