Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dick Cheney Hurting Republicans With Iraqi Comments

Have you ever wished that someone would just go away? That's how I feel today about former Vice-President Dick Cheney. Yesterday, he and his daughter wrote an oped piece for the New York Times where they accused President Obama of causing the mess in Iraq. Considering how much of the American public feels about former VP Cheney, his comments both in the newspaper and later on television programs like Megan Kelly are hurting Republicans at the wrong time and in a bad way. While I supported former President George W. Bush in some of the things he did, I never was warm and fuzzy about Dick Cheney. It always seemed to me that former VP Cheney never saw a conflict he didn't want to send U.S. troops into. Now that he is out of office, he is trying to get President Obama to send a bunch of troops back into Iraq. It's is critical that Iraq not fall to ISIS, but committing tens of thousands of soldiers back into that country is no solution – either.


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