Saturday, June 21, 2014

Did Lanna Hamann's Red Bull Addiction Lead To Her Death?

Not long ago, I wrote about a young woman from Arizona who died while on vacation in Mexico. Her family and some friends now believe she died after consuming too many Red Bull drinks - while out in the hot summer sun. I don't drink them often, but there have been occasions when I have drank a Red Bull when no hot coffee was available. From my limited experience, I had no noticeable side effects from drinking Red Bull – but I did not drink one after another in the hot summer sun, either. While I feel terrible for Lanna Hamann's friends and family, they may be looking for someone other than themselves to blame for her senseless death. Even though Lanna was a teenager, she certainly knew the dangers of drinking too much caffeine while hanging out on a summer day. Most certainly her parents knew this was a danger, but there has been nothing I have seen reported in the news media to indicate they did anything to try and get her to stop drinking so many Red Bull drinks. I was a teenager a long, long time ago – but I still remember wanting to have a good time and too often just threw caution to the wind when it came to my personal safety. If there is a lesson in Lanna Hamann's tragic death, it will be learned by her peers who maybe will think twice the next time they don't use common sense – while out having a good time. May God have mercy on her family.

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