Thursday, June 19, 2014

GOP Leaders Are Now Dovish On Iraq

Sometimes political partisans just make me sick. It wasn't that long ago when Republicans in Congress – like John McCain - were in 100% support of President Bush when it came to the War in Iraq. However, now that Obama is President – McCain and others are quick to tell him that no Americans should lose their lives to help stabilize that nation. While I have never thought Iraq was worth the price in American blood and treasure – once the decision was made to fight there, I was in complete support of our troops. Over 4000 American soldiers gave their lives to liberate Iraq from it's dictator and it would be a terrible shame for those men and women to have lost their lives for nothing. The main reason why President Obama and congressional leaders should be concerned about what's happening in Iraq right now has everything to do with what happened here on September 11th, 2001. This new terrorist organization called ISIS will certainly turn it's attention to the United States homeland – if allowed to grow and prosper in Iraq. It is most definitely in the interest of the United States to put this group of terrorists down – before they can attacks us at home.


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