Thursday, June 05, 2014

Has Obama Become Arrogant Leader?

There are a few Republicans in the Congress who want to see President Obama impeached after he released prisoners from Gitmo without their approval. While such an action would go nowhere in today's politically charged Washington D.C., I am starting to wonder if President Barack Obama is becoming too arrogant to lead this great nation. In the past, I have supported the President in many of the actions he has taken, but recently he seems to believe he is the only voice that matters and that concerns me a great deal. Sure it's difficult for a democratic President to get things done when one House of the Congress is from the other party, but U.S. Presidents have faced that issue for over 200-years. What concerns me now is that President Obama is overtly disobeying laws and frankly that should worry Democrats as much as it does Republicans. Will President Obama be impeached? Probably not, because he is a smart man who will learn from his mistakes. However, if he is not as smart as I think he is and keeps ignoring the laws of the land – he will certainly start to see cracks of support from democratic leaders in the Congress and that could lead to a place he certainly does not want to go.

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